Marketing Daily Editions for February 2015
Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 27, 2015
Farmers Excited For Oscar-Winning Ad Star
From POTUS To Bezos: Jay Carney Takes Influential Job At Amazon
IndyCar, USA Today Sports Media Group Ink Official Marketing Relationship
Caterpillar Lights Chinese Sky With A Single Generator
Favorite Restaurant Brands: In Sandwiches, Jason's Deli Makes #1; C Stores Encroaching
Consumers Have Less Than $20 In Cash In Pocket, Want Drone Deliveries
Court Rules Against JC Penney In Macy's/Martha Stewart Flap
Sprint's 'Cut Your Bill' Promo Garners Initial Attention, Hard To Sustain
Bloomberg's Not-So-G-r-r-reat Cover Take
Honey, I'm Taking The Car For A Nice Read
The Dangerous Trap Of The Chief Digital Officer: Two Job Concepts, One Title
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015
KFC Offering All The Coffee Cup You Can Eat In UK Outlets
Asics Goes Grandeur With Real Runners, Hobbit Scenery
VR Devices To Explode In The Next Five Years
For Auto Owners, Technology Usability Equates To Dependability
Air New Zealand Launches 'Calling All Travelers'
Target Regains Some Style Groove; Will Focus More On Natural, Organic Foods
Kelley Blue Book Sees 12th Straight Month Of Auto Sales Increases
The Oscar And The Helix: Changing The Academy's DNA
Google Glass And Market Research: A Cautionary Tale
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015
Stonyfield Targets Moms On Kids' Milestones Via BabyCenter Campaign
Don Keough, Beloved Coca-Cola President And New Coke Frontman, Dies At 88
Oakley Inspires With Soaring Obsessives
LG To Help NCAA 'Do Game Day Right' Until 2018
Social And Digital Brands Top Buzz Rankings In New Report
DIY Enthusiasm Pushes Sales At Home Depot Higher
Lands' End Offers Trip To British Virgin Isles
Too Many Cooks In The Data Kitchen, Says Marketing Study
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015
PepsiCo Running Video Contest With LinkedIn To Recruit For Content Marketing
The Shipping News: Target Cuts Minimum To $25 As Roadie Takes To Waffle House
Harley-Davidson Takes Project LiveWire Overseas
Tax Refunds? Consumers Want To Save, Not Spend
Century 21 Kicks Off 2015 Efforts Without CMO
Coke Launches Global Campaign To Mark Bottle's 100th
Radio Groups Work To Free FM From Your Phone
Burt's Bees Pretties Up Instagram
Lovin' McDonald's Back To Health
Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 23, 2015
Lifebuoy Looks To Say 'Good Luck' In Chinese
Skewing Old, AmEx And Caddy Get Aspirational At The Oscars
HomeAway Redefines Family Vacations
More Face Time Yields Higher Wireless Satisfaction
Dove Wants To Drown Out Body-Bashing For The Oscars
Chevrolet Stays On Top Of Racing With New Daytona 500 Ads
42% Of Millennials Think Private-Label Foods Are More Innovative
Dead Tweeting The Oscars!
Marketing Daily - Friday, Feb. 20, 2015
Now The Food Fight Begins: Dietary Panel Calls For Less Meat, Sugar, Refined Grains
Nick's Adorable Spin On Black History Month
Cadillac: Walk Softly And Carry Your Stick-Shift?
Movies' Online Buzz Indicative Of Box Office Success
If I Can Learn Digital Attribution, So Can You!
Under Armour Lands 'The Greatest,' Signs Muhammad Ali
A Tale Of Two Shacks
McDonald's 'Pay With Lovin' Pays Off In WOM, Intent
Heineken Kicks Off UEFA Champions League Soccer Promo
Nordstrom, Trader Joe's And Lowe's Rise, But Overall Retail Customer Satisfaction Declines
Intimate Products Brand Backs Silver Screen, Splits Second-Screen
Marketing Daily - Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015
Neiman Marcus' CMO Hones Its Digital Edge
Campbell CEO Morrison Cites Distrust Of 'Big Food'; Outlines Cuts And New Divisions
Emerson Aims For STEM Growth
With Better Credit Picture, Lower Fuel Prices, CPO Sales Hit Records
Runners, Are You Faster Than An Amur Tiger?
Nestle To Remove Artificial Colors, Flavors From Chocolate Brands
Sheba Donates Food To Shelters
Mercedes-Benz Cooks In L.A., Clocks Out In New York
Family 2.0: A New Paradigm For Brands
Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
Red Robin Invites The Pope To Come For A Bite ... Six Months Too Early
Starwood CEO Van Paasschen Abruptly Checks Out
'Smart' Doesn't Mean 'Safe' In New ADT Campaign
Long-Time Analyst Casesa Will Take Ford To Tomorrowland
Battered And Broken, A Restored 1957 Land Rover Wins Four Mens' Hearts
Anheuser-Busch Selects Heroes
Wealthy Americans, Especially The Upper Tier, Eschew Retail For Digital
Swedish Surfer Braves Baltic Sea
Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015
Fiji Water Launches Its First Television Campaign
Mondelez Acquires Enjoy Life Foods And Its 'Free-From' Cachet
Oakley Launches Global 'Obsession' Campaign With Athletes
Gen Y Battling For Balance, Wellness And Less Tech
Vaccine Manufacturers Grow Business, Despite Challenges
Marketing Daily - Monday, Feb. 16, 2015
Michele Ferrero, Who Made Billions On Chocolate And Tic Tacs, Dies At 89
More Matadors Having Their High-Fashion Moments
Montejo Beer Partners With Mexican Rock Band
Capri Sun Replaces HFCS With Sugar; Preps New Marketing
Durant Makes The Case For Sprint
Jamie Foxx, Kevin Plank Present Under Armour Global Campaign
Adidas Launches New Campaign, Jordan Joins All-Star Weekend Fray
ConAgra Names New CEO, Lowers Earnings Guidance
Lord, Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts in You. Forbes, Not So Much
What A Long, Strange Media-Death Week It's Been
Engagement Really Is THAT Simple
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