MediaPost Weekend Editions for August 2020
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020
Inspire Brands Puts $424M Media Portfolio Up For Review
NYTCO Digital Revenue Surpasses Print
With Sports Back On TV, Should Advertisers Rejoice?
Trump Officially Orders TikTok, WeChat Bans In 45 Days
When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time: #IIWII
Facebook Sued Over 'Russia State-Controlled Media' Label
Bye-Bye Loyalty: Data Reveals Start Of Messy Holiday Shopping Season
Will You Ever Go Back To Broadway?
Publicis' Tom Goodwin, Opponent Of Cancel Culture, Falls Victim To It
Playing Fast And Loose With The Truth
National TV Advertising Market Trims Losses To 9% In June
MDC Partners Report Organic Revenue Down 26% In Q2
Ad Industry Launches New Organization, Will Push Google And Apple On Tracking
Teacher Wish List: They Want Discounts As They Cope With COVID-19 Pandemic
Report Finds Pirate IPTV Market Tops $1 Billion In The U.S.
Trump Rescinds Renomination Of Republican FCC Commissioner
Streaming Video Ad Attempts Down 28% In Q2; Time-Spent Growth Robust But Slowing
Marketer Interest In 'Ad Blocking' Surges, 'Ad Viewability' Too
How Brands Can Leverage 'Dark Social'
Trump Likes To Claim 'Everyone Knows.' The Marketing Catch: Everyone Doesn't
Coke Confronts A Turbulent Market With Ads That Foster Unity
Fat Tire Beer Introduces The $100 Six-Pack Before Everyone Else Does
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020
This Is The Time To (Re)Read 'Snow Crash' And 'Understanding Media'
U.S. Ad Economy Outpaces GDP During Q2 And First Half
Apple Unfazed By Pandemic, Posts $59.7 Billion In Quarterly Revs
Baseball Scores Big Opening Weekend For National TV, RSNs; Geico, Bud Light Top Advertisers
Barbie Shows Off Her COVID-19 Craft Projects
Dunkin' Refreshers: Biggest Product Intro Since 2016
Rep. Nadler: Time To Break Up Facebook and Instagram
Lawmaker Accuses Google Of Privacy 'Bait-And-Switch'
Pinterest, TikTok Eyed As Beneficiaries Of Facebook Boycott
Chrome Users Sue Google Over Alleged Tracking
What Would Aaron Do?
It's The Stupidity, Stupid
Sen. Hawley Unveils Bill Aimed At Curbing Personalized Ads
Omnicom Q2 Revenues Plunge Nearly 25%
Big 3 Agency Consensus: U.S., World Ad Economies Receding At 6.3% And 9.4%
Regis Philbin Made A Career Out Of Being Affable
Commerce Dept Petitions FCC To Clamp Down On Social Media
Ad Recession Begins To Moderate In June, Still Marks Fourth Consecutive Monthly Decline
Martha Knows Best? You'd Better Believe It
Suppose They Gave A Boycott And Nobody From The Long Tail Came?
ESPN Posts Record Opening Night Baseball In Shortened Season