Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for November 2014
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 28, 2014
Black Friday No Longer Kickoff For Holiday Shopping
Thanksgiving Day Mobile Holiday Purchases Outpace Previous Years
Battery Could Power Mobile Devices Using Body Heat
Adventures In Attribution
EU Parliament Votes On Google, Search Engine Breakup
Twitter's Data Grab: Company Wants To Know What Other Apps Users Install
Children Press Video-Privacy Case Against Viacom, Google
Twitter Considers Taking Shots
Is Apple Pay The Mobile Payment System Of The Future?
Moms Depending on Smartphone In The Store
Social Media Influencers Help Spread Hard Rock's New Dance Video
Tumblr Launches Mobile-Only Sponsored Apps
Miami Airport Leverages Beacons
Scan-to-Buy, Image Recognition Grow
Heavy Mobile Use Projected for Holidays
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014
Consumers Still Waiting For Personalized Videos To Drive Intent
Web Giants Eye Google's Soon-To-Expire Search Deal With Apple
Carnival Sails With Multibrand Marketing Campaign, From Digital Content To Television
Google Finally Gets It Study Finds In-Car Technology Offers A Big Conquest Opportunity
Sony Designing Stylish Smartwatch
Search: The Gatekeeper To Product Visibility
Omnicom Takes Full Control Of Critical Mass
Google, You've Got It Wrong: Pay ME $1 A Month
EU Wants Google To Expand "Right To Be Forgotten"
Data Scientists Focus on Mobile Shopping
Tapping Into The Fun Side Of NFC
Smartphone Shopping from Home on Thanksgiving Promoted
Digital Engagement Index
Most Mobile Retail Research Ends In Purchase
McDonald's, KFC Lead Restaurant Chains In Social Media Performance
Online, Everyone Is A Teenager -- Marketers, Adjust Accordingly
Dongle Bells: The Holiday Stream Of Streaming Devices
85% of Mobile Shopping Comes via Mobile Web, 15% from Apps
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014
Google's Tech Steadies Shaky Hands, Allowing Parkinson's Disease Victims To Eat
SEO: Link Building, Keyword Research Becoming Most Challenging Tactics
Amazon Focuses On Local Services To Expand Marketplace Offerings
Google Search Makes Make Mobile Shopping Easier Searches Reveal Top Issues Now, Predictions For 2015
What's The Difference Between Structured And Rich Snippets?
Shopping Already Stronger Barreling Into Black Friday
Appeals Court Weighs Yahoo's Responsibility For Unwanted SMS Messages
Google Fiber Files For State Franchise Certificate
U.S. Native Ad Spend To Reach $8.8 Billion By 2018
Twitter Invites Advertisers To Create Offers
Zeotap Raises $1.3 Million, Launches Data Platform
Apple Earmarks Certain Sales To Global Fund
Google Breakup Bid Is More About EU Politics Than Marketing
Sideswipes: Flat Media
Ecommerce Innovators Support Mobile To Enhance Online And Omnichannel Shopping
Are You Listening For Your Key Customer Signals?
An MRAID For Measurement
Targeting The Mobilized Fan
Video Ads Optimized For Device Deliver Best KPIs
Mall Retailer Adds MMS for Sharing Product Info
Yahoo Apologizes For Email Outage
Retailers Have Some Improvements to Make With Email
60% of Shoppers Welcome Beacons, 30% Redeem Offers
Mood Media Rolls Out Shazam In-Store
Google Finally Gets It
Google, You've Got It Wrong: Pay ME $1 A Month
Vserv Serves Up Cross-Device Retargeting
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 24, 2014
Google Shopping Adds Details To Search Results, Highlights Searches For Top Selling Items
Google Breakup Bid Is More About EU Politics Than Marketing
U.S. Native Ad Spend To Reach $8.8 Billion By 2018
Black Friday The No. 1 Day For Consumer Fraud
IBM, Nielsen Analyze Separate Holiday Shopping Behavior
CPG Brands On Social: To Shop Or Not To Shop, That Is The Question
Search Engines Cause Of Declining Small Biz Revenue
Can Europe Split Up Google?
Yahoo To Stop Serving Targeted Ads To Some Firefox Users
ANA: LinkedIn Is 'The' Social Net, Finds Ad Execs Extremely Active On All Platforms
Digital Engagement Index
The Incredible, Insatiable Media Consumer
iOS Holiday Shoppers Spend $112, Android $87
Email Will Dominate Marketing This Holiday Season: Experian
More Than Just An iFad: Apple's Programmatic Push
Why Google And Garmin Are Sending Maps Users Astray
Wi-Fi Company Moves to Beacons
Benetton Asks Gen Y To Stop Violence Against Women
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 21, 2014
Google Tests Contributor For Ad-Free Web Sites
Two Tap API Readies Black Friday And Cyber Monday Searches
Mobile Challenges And How To Fix Them
EU Parliament Could Call For Google Breakup
510 Systems Provides Foundation For Google's Self-Driving Car
How Dynamic Parameters Work
Bing's Home Page Goes HD
Google Settles With Patent Consortium Rockstar
Apple Continues iAd Renovations, Partners With AdRoll For Retargeting
Twitter Users Share Private Tweets Via Direct Messages
Google Opens Door For Chinese App Developers
The Ad Sentiment Index
Google Testing Micro-Payment Service For Publishers
GoDaddy Readies $4.5B IPO, Diversification Strategy
Ads Just Leave You Hanging, Not Driving Engagement
#AlexfromTarget: An Unexpected Consequence Of Technology
Twitter Makes All Tweets Searchable
ComScore Refines In-App Ad Metrics
Give Thanks To Your Customers -- Here's How
Branded Content Helps Close The Virtuous Circle
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014
Forbes, adMarketplace Sign Exclusive Search Ad Deal Replacing Google
Yahoo's Financial Gain From Mozilla Deal Worth Billions
5 Google AdWords Tips For Small Biz During The Holiday Season
Marketers Turning Away From RFP/IO Campaigns, Embracing 'Always On' Approach
Fewer Consumers To Shop Thanksgiving Weekend
Advertisers Conservative With Holiday Gift Ads In October
IAB Announces Preliminary NewFronts Schedule
Brands Building Community Should Promote Own Sites Vs. Facebook, Twitter
Digital Engagement Index
Wearables Warming Up As Apple Roll-Out Nears
Google Will Highlight Mobile-Friendly Sites In Search Results
Five Ways Amazon Echo Will Change The Face (Er, Voice) Of Marketing
How Do We Define And Measure Mobile Engagement Effectively?
#AlexfromTarget: An Unexpected Consequence Of Technology
45% Frequently Use Shopping Apps, 90% Use Phones in Bed
The 5 Mobile-Influenced Shopping Trends
Android Wear Smartwatch Lets Amazon Lovers Browse, Search, Buy Merchandise
How Dynamic Parameters Work
Optimizing For Advanced On-Page Topic SEO Targeting
Best Practices For Keyword Length For Smartphone Paid-Search Campaigns
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014
Targeting Paid-Search Ads, Videos Pays Off On Thanksgiving Day
Google Acquires RelativeWave To Advance Image Recognition, Search, And Visualization
Five Ways Amazon Echo Will Change The Face (Er, Voice) Of Marketing
CPG Brands Moving To Location-Based Advertising, Supporting Retail Strategies
Big Data Analytics And Fitbit May Find Their Way Into Courtrooms
Yahoo Becomes Mozilla Firefox Default Search Engine
Google Defeats Challenge To Search Results, Ad Policies
AudienceScience Unveils DSP, DMP For Brands
Advertisers - Drop The Family Cliches And Target The Real Opportunities
Covario Co-Founder Takes CMO Role At Nintex
ISBA Research Shows Agencies Not Wholly Trusted
Apple Taps Rubicon Project To Revamp iAd With Automation
Google Merchant Promotions Rolls Out Internationally
Google Adds Shopping Campaign Tool Auction Insights
Tool Targets Mobile Shopping Cart Abandonment
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014
Adobe Personalizes Mobile Location Features To Drive Real-Time Engagement
Mobile Apps Spotlight Search For Black Friday Deals
IPA Questions ISBA Research That Labelled Agencies As 'Factories'
To Reach Gen Y, MassMutual Expands 'Society Of Grownups'
Macy's Adds Visual Search, Image Recognition To Mobile
Covario Co-Founder Takes CMO Role At Nintex
Google To Pre-Screen Android TV Apps
Nearly Two-Thirds Of Non-Direct Inventory Deemed Non-Viewable
Stamford Helping Google With Advanced Image Recognition Technology
Mobile DSP Amobee Unveils Video Viewability Measurement Tech
In UK Survey Sees Big Rise in Cross-Screen Ad Campaigns
Digital Engagement Index
Catching Up In The Connected Home
Sideswipes: The Mythology Of Media
Ways Millennial Moms Are Using Their Smartphones Smarter Than You
YouTube? Facebook? How We View Ads Is Changing - Right Before Our Eyes
Jacking Into Moments: Conquesting, User Modding And The Ongoing Disconnect About Mobility
Finding The Right Edge Of Creepy In Advertising
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 17, 2014
Target's Mobile App Adds Interactive In-Store Maps In Time For Black Friday Specials
Mobile Moms: 68% Compare Prices, 59% Look for Coupons, Deals
Hotels Losing Out On Search Engine Advertising
One Company Ties Twitter Audience Segments To Search Campaigns
Apple Watch Looks To Deliver Better Experiences, Information As Wearables Market Heats Up
Multi-Screen, Multitasking Consumer May Not Want Your Message
Larry Page Named Fortune's Businessman Of The Year
iGoogle Search App Update Suggests Plans Based on Email Conversations
Real-Time With AdRoll CTO Volonghi On RTB's Tech & Growing Data Pool
Rubicon Doubles Down On Programmatic Direct: Acquires iSocket, ShinyAds
Millennials Seen Being Influenced Differently by Mobile
CMT's Tune-In Campaign Gets Tuned Up With Mobile Ads That Set Your DVR
Retargeting Tango: How I Could Make That Blue Couch Vanish From My Newsfeed
Digital Engagement Index
Facebook Changes Stripes Once Again, Organic Brand Posts Now Endangered
NEW! 72andSunny, Google Commemorate Berlin Wall's Fall
Omni-Channel Paradigms: Why Some Retail Brands Aren't Getting it Right
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 14, 2014
Apple Watch Looks To Deliver Better Experiences, Information As Wearables Market Heats Up
Google Cardboard Shows Volvo How To Turn XC90 Into A Virtual Reality Experience
Digital Platforms Deliver Strong Ad Views
Getting Millennials To Buy CPGs: Bring On The BOGOs
Integral Moves Into Japan Through Partnership With Yahoo
Digital Engagement Index
iGoogle Search App Update Suggests Plans Based on Email Conversations
Hotels Losing Out On Search Engine Advertising
The Great Cookie Debate - A Shift Ahead?
It's Not The Client, It's The Context (And More)
Online Sales in Europe Move to Mobile
Even Wearables Have Gone Programmatic
Google Infuses Cash Into Turning Award For Computer Science
Nielsen Calls For Industry To Adopt New Ratings Standards
Moms Are On The Move ... But Health And Fitness Trackers Aren't Keeping Up
Better Understand Customers Through Smart Technologies, Predictive Analysis
To Improve Content Marketing, Put KPIs Into Strategy
Samsung Goes Big on Beaconing, Challenges Apple; Questions Loom Large
Study: Video Cited As One Of Most Effective B2B Tools
"Hi, [Insert Name Here]! Thanks For Buying Me": When Data-Driven Creative Wants A Relationship
Digital Natives Are Becoming 'Generation Invisible'
Retargeting Tango: How I Could Make That Blue Couch Vanish From My Newsfeed
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