Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for April 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 29, 2016
Consumer Obsessions Become Next Marketing Intent Signal
Search On Microsoft Cortana Blocked To Google, Firefox
Google, Amazon and Netflix Are A New Breed Of Monopoly; Same As The Old Breed
Amazon Cagey About Spike In Advertising, Future Plans
Google Play Calls Out Ad-Supported Apps
IAB Releases LEAN Scoring Roadmap, Will Develop Algos By Q4
Amazon: FCC Should Unlock Set-Top Boxes, Privacy Protections Not Needed
FCC Won't Put Brakes On Broadband Privacy Proposal
Media Researchers' Takes On VAB's Cross-Media Metric Proposal
IAB Releases LEAN Roadmap
Google Rolls Out Two Ad Types For AdSense On Mobile
Motorola's Rick Osterloh To Run Google's New Hardware Division
Google Patent For Wireless Device To Improve Your Vision
Google Urged: Drop Livestream Of GOP Confab
Supreme Court Expands FBI Hacking Power
Google Pay Now I.D.'s Apps With Ads
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 28, 2016
Jack Of Trades, Search Expert In All
At Google, Artificial Intelligence To Drive Computing, Search And Mobile
Mississippi Attorney General Withdraws Google Subpoena
Google Image, Text Ads See More Click-Throughs, Higher Costs
Building Personal Relationships Through Data
Digital Looks Great, But Interactions Less Consistent
A Plan For Future Innovation? It's Worth Googling
Amazon Gaining Search Share In U.K., Search Engines Remain More Important
How Amazon Ranks Results
Three In Four Marketers Not Ready For Google AMP
Google Fiber Comes To Nashville
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Google Mobile Clicks Double, CPC Lower
Mother's Day Searches For A Kiss And A Hug
Carrefour Media Uses LiveRamp To Create A Connected World
Adobe Sets Triggers For Programmatic Messages
Google Urges FCC To Unlock Cable Boxes, Says New Privacy Laws Not Needed
Yahoo Makes Agreement With Starboard, Rotates Board Members
Tips for Building a Quality Automotive SEO Strategy
What The Google Guy Said Last Week About Television
Will TV's New Superpowers Use Their Forces For Good Or Evil?
How To Master Mother's Day
Court Finds Amazon Liable For Billing Parents For Kids' Purchases
Getty Images Files EU Complaint Against Google
Brands Connect In New Ways Via The Internet Of Things
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Google AMP Project Lags In Implementation
Why Chris Copeland Left GroupM For Yieldbot
Luxury Search Requires Balance Between Exclusivity, Familiarity
Tennessee Campaign Uses Data, Video Clips To Personalize Real-Time Ads
In Search -- Even in Mobile -- Organic Still Matters
From Spots & Dots To Bots: How Silicon Valley Is Taking The Friction Out Of Madison Avenue
Get Your Arms Around The Internet of Things, Quick
Non-Human Traffic Is Down, Viewability Is Up In Q1 2016
Millennials' Technology Habits Will Change Direct Marketing
Google, Ford, Others Form Coalition For Self-Driving Cars
Gmail Android Supports Exchange Email
Alas Poor Print, I Knew Him Well
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 25, 2016
Vulnerabilities Through Voice Search, Chat Bots, And IoT Devices Require Greater Focus
Google Prepares Marketers For Ad Policy Changes
A Word About The Importance Of Words
Programmatic Increases Cost, But Produces Better-Performing Ads
FTC Wants Privacy Protections For 'Unlocked' Set-Top Boxes
Are You Ready To Integrate IoT And VR?
GroupM Questions Digital's 'Integrity,' Estimates Ad-Blocking Averaging 22%
Winning Over The Ad Blockers
How To Bring A Human-Like Experience To The Brand
Alphabet's Traffic Acquisition Costs Making Analyst Nervous
Baidu's Self-Driving Car R&D Center Opens In Silicon Valley With Tesla Engineer
Google Analytics Rolls With Redesigned App
Virtual Reality Projected To Lead Before Augmented Reality
Gfk MRI Builds Political Ad Targeting Data Segments
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 22, 2016
Google's Paid Search Ads Tweak CPCs, CTRs For Top Auto Keywords
Google Paid Search Positions No. 1, No. 4 Show Most Promising Results
Google, Microsoft Financials Push Heavy Into Cloud Services
Swiftype CEO Posits How Publishers Can Best Use Technology
Google Expands AMP To Google News
Microsoft and Google Make Nice
Google And Microsoft Post Worst Than Expected Quarterly Results
When Will VR Become Useful?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 21, 2016
Report: Companies Will Spend $65 Billion On SEO In 2016
Google Advertising Revenue Reaches $18 Billion On Strong Mobile, Search
Search Takes The Majority Of Digital Ad Spend
IAB Reports $59.6 Billion In 2015, Mobile And Programmatic Drive Growth
Google Inbox Update Transforms Gmail Into Personal CMS Solution
Google News Boosts AMP Content For Mobile
Using Email To Drive That All-Important Second Purchase
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Shortened URLs Make It Easier To Track People Online, Offline
Google, Microsoft Expected To Report Slower Growth
Rocket Fuel's Programmatic Platform Ties In Merkle Data
EU Goes After Google's Android Business
Google Digs Into Addressable TV, Serves Listing In Search Results
Google Claims YouTube Ads Are More Effective Than TV
Bain Study Emphasizes Dazzle -- And Data
Yahoo Search Business Takes A Beating, Mobile And Display Bright Spot
Google Charged With Hurting Competitors In EU
Mobile Advertising Still A Work In Process
Chobani, Gatorade Tie Higher Offline Sales To Search, Video Advertising
The Great Media Election Battle of 2016
Google Disappoints Many EU Residents Who Want Information Deleted
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Good Morning Emma
Google Scans Billions Of Android Apps, Too Many In High-Risk Security Category
Secrets To Topping Search
Google Tracks Offline Sales From YouTube TrueView Ads
Verizon Lobbies FCC Against New Privacy Rules
AWeber To Release Curate App For Mobile-to-Email SMB Marketing
Crowd Wisdom -- Revisited
EU Expected To Charge Google Over Apps
Google Glitch Takes Down Third-Party Services
News Corp. Brings Antitrust Complaint Against Google In EU
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 18, 2016
Google Honing Local Home Services
Search, Discovery Apps To Generate Billions In Revenue
Verizon Leading Yahoo Bidder Pool
'Allrecipes' Extends To Australia, New Zealand
Top Editors Ousted From 'Popular Science'
Supreme Court Won't Hear Authors' Challenge To Google Books
EU Preps Antitrust Charges Against Google
Unilever (Sort Of) Apologizes For (Sort Of ) Stealing A Reddit Post For Its Axe 'Shower Thoughts' Ad
Verizon Lobbies FCC Against New Privacy Rules
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