• Press Regulator Launches Low-Cost Libel Dispute Scheme
    Press regulator IPSO has launched a low-cost libel arbitration service that it hopes will fend off further pressure for titles to either accept a watchdog backed by Royal Charter or risk being held responsible for both sides' legal fees, regardless of the outcome of a case, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • YouTube Autocomplete Search Terms Deepen Paedophilic Concerns
    Concerns over its failure to deal with paedophilic comments is intensifying for YouTube after "The Guardian" reports that users are complaining search terms are autocompleting with vile suggestions.
  • Sky Calls On EU To Bring US Tech Giants To Book
    If you're wondering what it's like to be a British media company being battered by US tech giants that don't pay their fair share of tax and fail to do adequately with hate speech, extremism and fake news, check out Sky's appeal to EU authorities in "The Telegraph" today that its competitors need to be brought to book.
  • Accenture Appointed Global Customer Experience Agency For Maserati
    Accenture has been appointed as Maserati's first global customer experience agency. Its creative shop, Karmarama, will take on creative duties for the account, "Campaign" reveals.
  • Right-Wing Columnist Katie Hopkins Dropped By Mail Online
    Controversial right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins has been dropped by Mail Online "by mutual consent", "The Guardian" reports. She had previously provoked fury with her outspoken views on refugees, referring to those fleeing conflict as being "cockroaches." She was also dropped this year from her radio talk show on LBC.
  • YouTube Boycott Grows As More Big Names Drop The Channel
    Netimperative has an update today on the latest brands to pull out of advertising on YouTube over its failure to deal with predatory comments left under videos featuring children. BT, Adidas, Deutsche Bank, eBay, Amazon, Mars, Diageo and Talktalk are picked out from dozens of big-money advertisers that have boycotted the platform.
  • Read All About It -- American Actress To Become Princess -- Read All About It
    "The Guardian" is renowned for being cool on royal stories, which makes it a good destination to head to for a roundup of what the papers are saying about the unsurprising news that, after months of preparation, the media has been told Prince Harry is to marry "Suits" star Meghan Markle.
  • YouTube Boycott List Is Growing
    Mars, Lidl and Adidas are named by the BBC as three of the main brands boycotting YouTube over its failure to deal with paedophilic comments on video featuring children.
  • F1 Launches New Logo
    F1 has marked the end of the 2017 season by unveiling a new logo designed by Wieden+Kennedy London, "The Drum" reports.
  • ISBA To Talk Over YouTube Concerns With Google
    ISBA, the body that represents UK advertisers, will meet Google this week to discuss the issue of YouTube not controlling paedophilic comments made underneath videos. Concerns have caused some ISBA members to boycott the site, "Campaign" reports.
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