• Fake Eagle Video, Real Money
    A Montreal school's contived video of a bald eagle swooping down on a child became a viral sensation, and then a scholarship source fo the school.
  • The Ambient Beauty of...Police Scanners?
    A website offers audio of police radios from large cities across the country, set against ambient music. It's not video online, but it cetaintly creates an image.
  • Apple Subscribers Can See 'Downton Abbey' Early
    With a glut of quality Sunday programming--includng the Super Bowl on Feb. 3--watching the PBS series is tough. But advance episodes are becoming available via Apple TV and good old DVDs.
  • Small Businesses Can Get Discovered with Online Video
    The availability of devices that can create and display online video is an opportunity for unknown brands and businesses to step up.
  • Girls Talk: Moms Share Views About Guarding What They Say Online
    Facebook and online videos are places mothers can tell too much about their families, without really meaning to
  • Not Quite Ripe: Twitter's Quick Video Service Vine Has a Rough Start
    Twitter's six-seconds-at-a-time video site, Vine, has some embarrasssing first-day troubles, duly noted by the press because a member of the press experienced the problem in a first-hand way.
  • Canadian Advertisers Getting Wise to Power of Online Video
    Like just about everywhere else, consumers were ahead of marketers when it comes to using online video.
  • Cisco Will Certify You're a Video Professional
    It offers online certification courses
  • Block busted: Another 300 Blockbuster Stores Closing
    The once dominant chain keeps on shrinking.
  • Tips for Using Online Video Ads on Twitter, Facebook
    Make responsive videos for social media platforms, so you talk to your customers.
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