• Twitter Tests Feature Inviting Users To See More Videos
    Twitter is playing with a feature that entices a user who sees a video ad to keep viewing more. Calls-to-action at the end of the clip prompt consumers to view more videos and leads them to a landing page.
  • "Impossible" To Police View Frauds, Says WSJ Scribe
    In a Live Wall Street Journal video piece about video ad fraud, reporter Jack Marshall says it's impossible to cure viewability problems because there are too many sites to catch all the bad actors. He blames ad exchanges and ad networks. 
  • The Hard Road Getting Mass Views On YouTube Without Advertising Budget
    Many video producers are using the digital space to incubate audiences for shows and personalities, then cash in on their popularity on old school platforms.
  • Buzzfeed Focusing Partner Network On Video
    To focus more fully on video, Buzzfeed is shutting down its existing referral network. For about 200 partner Web sites, that means no more data-sharing with the popular content hub, according to Quartz. “Now, a bit like Facebook, it sounds like Buzzfeed is shifting its focus to video, where it will soon be launching a referral network,” reports Quartz. Buzzfeed says it plans to shift the structure of its partner network to “a select group of new partners, solely focused around video.” 
  • New Way Twitter Is Attracting Video Sharing Advertisers
    Twitter seems to be testing a new product that could encourage more people to use it as a video platform. It is playing with a feature that makes it easy to embed, display and play clips on phones.
  • How To Determine If Facebook's Video Ads Are Worth The Cost
    Stuart Smith, client services director at Mediaocean, mulls the "opportunity" to spend $1 million to reach Facebook's vast audience and suggests it all depends on reliable metrics.
  • Of Course, Google Wants Twitch: It Has Big Share Of Live Stream Market
    According to Qwilt,  Twitch has a 44% share of America’s live-streaming market for games; its nearest competitor, WWE, has 18%. YouTube live streaming is nowhere to be found in the top ten, which means it has 0.5% or less of the market.
  • GoPro Is Going Public, Files For IPO
    GoPro wants to become the first media company that only distributes media shot with its own cameras. But it doesn’t expect to make a lot of money with all that media any time soon.
  • Macy's Testing Facebook's Auto-Play Ads
    Macy's is the first retailer to roll out Facebook's auto-play video ads within mobile newsfeeds, Adweek has learned. A rep for the department store giant revealed there were two other merchant brands testing the platform.
  • Mobile Ad Viewership Data Improving, Says Start-Up Celtra
     According to mobile ad startup Celtra, video ad performance rates are stable and growing. Not only are consumers enduring the ads on their phones and tablets, but they’re actually watching the whole videos. Video ad completion rates are up 77 percent for native video ads, and up 52% for standard video ad formats this past quarter compared to the year-ago quarter.
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