• Taste Test: Comparing The Sticks, Roku Wins
    The Associated Press takes a look at the competing dongles and declares that, though it has problems, Roku's low-cost "stick" is the best.   
  • How Times TriesTo Avoid Being Fooled By Phony Video News Footage
    Before The New York Times published video alleged to be the kidnapped girls of Nigeria, The New York Times worked to ascertain if the footage was real.
  • Former 'Star Trek' Player Now Shatters Myths About Boomers Interest In Tech
    Ex-Trekker George Takei's tech-focused Web series with AARP called "Takei's Take" works to prove Boomers are a lot more tech-savvy than they're given credit for.
  • YouTube Aiming To Buy Twitch, Report Says
    YouTube  has a deal to buy Twitch, a fast-growing videogame-streaming company, for more than $1 billion, according to sources familiar with the pact. It's expected to raise eyebrows with anti-trust regulators.
  • Samsung Is Hiring To Build A Mobile Video Business
    Samsung is hiring engineers to build a new video service, which could replace the company’s existing transactional video offering. The company also just hired an executive from Vdio, the now-shuttered video service that once was supposed to compete with Netflix.
  • Advertisers Often Don't Present Relevant Ads Online, Panel Says
    Publishers can provide context, but it's often up to the advertisers to create a relevant advertisement -- and some brands don't deliver. Companies that are stuck in a television mindset fail to understand the importance of delivering shorter ads on mobile devices. That's one of the takeaways from a StreamingMedia panel.
  • Summarizing A Now More Controversial Study of NYT's Digital Challenges
    With the ouster of The Times' executive editor Jill Abramson, there's new focus given to a recent study of the paper's digital content and how it should be reworked. 
  • The Burgeoning Business In Pirating Premium Content
    The Wall Street Journal recently reported some publishers have been selling online advertising alongside pirated video content. That swindles brands that have to pay for ads alongside bogus premium content and risk damaging their reputations. 
  • How Online Video Will Conquer The World
    "Lurking in the recesses of many online publishers’ minds is a grand desire; a (to some) seemingly inevitable moment that will totally and forever shift the landscape of entertainment and advertising; a moment that hundreds if not thousands of companies are waiting for, quietly jockeying to be in the best position to catch the downpour that follows.That is the moment when TV advertising dollars switch en masse to online video," writes Nathaniel Whittemore, a Principal with Learn Capital and the founder of the Center for Global Engagement.
  • China Online Sites Being Hassled by Government, Stations
    China's online video sites, already subject to new crackdowns by the government, are also discovering some problems with the nation's biggest TV stations that are stopping the online sites from showing their programs including the NBA playoffs.
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