• How Facebook News Is Becoming The New Face Of News
    That instant news on Facebook, with the help of publishers. shows how news delivery is drifting quickly from Websites to social media.
  • Young Turks Seek "Technological Woodstock" In Silicon Valley
    If not yet calling the shots, a new generation of mostly-male entrepreneur is cutting its teeth in tech hotbeds around the country. To find out what they’re up to, The California Sunday Magazine paints an intimate portrait of some ambitious teens dropping out of college to strike it rich in San Francisco. One young Turk describes hackathons as “technological Woodstock.” Indeed, “Woodstock was a beacon for an ideology. Janis Joplin -- ‘Look to your right, that’s your brother.’ That’s what hackathons are, too.” 
  • Google Updates YouTube's Aging Infrastructure
    Fast Company gets the lowdown on InnerTube -- a far-reach multi-year effort by Google to make sure YouTube can keep its edge. When it launched in 2012, “The project … would tackle everything from its development platform to its machine learning algorithms, a retooling that would enable engineers and designers to more quickly test and craft a more engaging, addictive experience on more screens,” Fast Company reports. 
  • Ad Within Porn Video Raises Cancer Awareness
    M&C Saatchi Sydney has teamed up with aptly-named Australian charity The Blue Ball Foundation and LA adult film studio Digital Playground to create a “pornterruptive” public health message, for young males to perform a health check. It is reportedly the world-first public health message in the middle of a real adult movie, featuring a demonstration of how to check for testicular cancer. NSFW, probably.
  • London's Blnkx Heads Toward Video Only Business
    Chief Executive S. Brian Mukherjee said on Monday that the company will try to work out how to use its technology to make its non-video advertising activities more lucrative, but will divest these activities to focus on video if this can't be done.
  • Twitter Now Tries To Push Ad 'Binges'
    Twitter has displayed a link to "view more videos" after someone finishes watching a Twitter-native video, so that a viewer might gorge on more advertising from the same brand. b
  • Israeli Start-Ups Were Key To AOL's Appeal To Verizon
    Two of the advertising related companies AOL acquired in the last couple years were founded by Israelis, and the third has an R&D center in Israel. All of them are among the businesses that probably most interested Verizon in AOL. 
  • Netflix Looks To China, Wants To Conquer The World By 2016
    Bloomberg reports that Netflix is in talks with companies including the Jack Ma-backed Wasu Media Holding Company about forming a partnership in order to enter China's $5.9bn  online video market. Netflix has already had talks with BesTV New Media, an Internet broadcaster owned by state-run Shanghai Media Group, the Wall Street Journal also reported. A spokeswoman for Netflix told Bloomberg that the company plans "to be nearly global by the end of 2016".
  • Stuart Elliott is Back!
    The savvy former advertising columnist for The New York Times has a new gig at Media Village. His first column talks about modifying the upfronts.
  • Online Advertising Revenues Skyrocket Over Last Three Years
    Global advertising revenue from online video doubled to $11.2 billion between 2011 and 2014, and will jump to $13.8 billion in 2015, according to findings released by international market research and tech consultancy IHS Technology and Irish-based video analytics specialists Vidiro.
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