• Immersive Media Barely Keeps Its Head Above Water
    About a decade ago, the future of digital was one promising lots of deep interactive experiences. Today, it's all about advertising. Where are the big dreams now?
  • Hulu Eyes An Ad-Free Future, Says WSJ
    Right now, subscribers pay $7.99 a month but also get served some advertising. Hulu is considering a different model: $12-$14 a month, no ads, reports the Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year, Hulu discontinued the original concept--a totally free, ad-supported service. 
  • The Apple Watch Can Help You On Hulu
    Hulu has added Apple Watch support to its app, which can function as a remote, or let you pause and stuff. So now, you surely want an Apple Watch
  • YouTube: 50% Of Views Are Now Mobile
    A whopping 50% of YouTube’s views are now coming from mobile devices, according to the video hub’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki. As such, the Google unit’s top three priorities are “mobile, mobile, mobile,” Wojcicki said at a conference this week, Forbes reports. “She also suggested that an acquisition could be in YouTube’s future if the right company crosses YouTube’s path.”
  • You're About To Start Seeing A Lot of Microsoft Ads
    Online an over the air, Microsoft is going to try hard to get users to download the new Windows 10--for free--starting June 20
  • A Controversial Video Features Kids Really, Really Crying
    This French PSA for Doctors of the World is a little tough to watch, but will likely cause a lot of buzz.
  • Nintendo CEO Passes Away At 55
    Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata, died on Saturday. He was 55. He had taken time off last year and had surgery to remove a tumor. ,
  • Comcast Launching A New OTT Skinny Bundle
    For $15, Comcast will give subscribers to its Internet service a handful of local stations, HBO, a on-demand movie package and a cloud-based DVR. It's starting in selected markets.  
  • 'NYT' Tries To Take Video To Next Level
    Capital New York is considering why The New York Times just moved Bruce Headlam off his position as managing editor of video in the newsroom, and Rebecca Howard as general manager of video on the business side. “The changes come as the Times is eager to carve out a bigger piece of the U.S. advertising market for digital video,” Capital writes. 
  • NYT Video Biz Is Still A Work In Progress
    As the newspaper company rearranges leadership of its video division, it's a reminder it's an endeavor considered a ripe growth area within the Times, but it hasn't happened yet. It accounts for under 10% of digital ad revenue. That's not enough.
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