• Microsoft's Azure Media AnalyticsTo Be Unveiled At NAB
    At NAB, Microsoft will unveil Azure Media Analytics, a platform of modular tools designed to help companies get useful insights from their videos, including Face Detection, Motion Detection and Video Summarization.
  • Unreel.me Helps Creators Start Their Own Stream Service
    Unreel.me, a new distribution platform, lets users build their own streaming service, and lets them keep the first $1 million in revenue.
  • ESPN To Screen Drone-Racing Event
    ESPN has decided to broadcast a three-day drone-racing event in New York. “The cable network will livestream the competition -- organized by Scot Refsland, the man who hosted the first US national drone racing competition last year -- on ESPN3, its online channel,” Quartz reports. “It will also produce daily hour-long roundups for one of ESPN’s television channels.”tv
  • Facebook, BuzzFeed Consider Working Together
    The viral content company is reportedly considering a game show that would air live on Facebook, according to comments made by BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti at Facebook’s F8 conference. That, after the BuzzFeed watermelon video. 
  • They're Not Mad, Are They? Scripps Acquires Cracked
    E.W. Scripps acquired Cracked.com from Demand Media for $39 million and says it will up its video productions. Cracked, which started as a humor magazine in the style of Mad (but generally, not as Mad) in 1958. It has eight million uniques.  
  • Ooyala Shows Off Its New Flex
    Ooyala is introducing Flex to stitch editing tools together to make it  easier for over the top production teams to more easily work through the production process. Though it's been upgraded, it's mainly a rebrand of MioEverywhere, a logistics solution from Nativ. Ooyala acquired them last year. 
  • Susan Wojcicki's Mom Spills The Beans
    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talks to her mom, Esther, in a YouTube video, and says she had T.R.I.C.K. method for bringing up her successful kids: Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration and Kindness. It's part of a Huffington Post series in which major execs interview their parents or children on camera.  
  • Al Roker Launches Live-Streaming Network
    The “Today” show’s Al Roker and producer Ronald Pruett just launched Roker Media -- a live-streaming content and ad network. “Over the past year, Messrs. Roker and Pruett have been quietly stitching together a network of content creators who focus on delivering live content to Twitter’s Periscope, Facebook Live, and the live streaming startup YouNow,” The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • Layoffs At Top For Mashable; New Focus On Video
    On the heels of a $15 million funding round led by Turner Broadcasting, Mashable will expand into new distribution platforms, including OTT video services and TV. But as it expands into video, it will retrench or refocus elsewhere.  Mashable's executive editor and chief revenue officer are leaving. 
  • Twitter's NFL Deal Not Much Of A Game Changer
    Twitter gets only limited ads to sell; an analyst says Twitter can only expect an audience of 1.1 million per game.
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