• Twitter Makes Streaming Deal With Bloomberg
    On the heels of its arrangement to live streaming CBS coverage of the political conventions, Twitter now says it will stream a selection of Bloomberg TV daily news shows. 
  • Publishers Embrace Video Automation Tech
    Publishers are going crazy for video, and they’re increasingly turning to automation technology to churn it out. “In pursuit of more lucrative video advertising and success on dominant social platforms like Facebook, a growing number of publishers have turned to technology that promises to streamline video production, sometimes to the point of near-full automation,” The New York Times reports. “The market for this service is largely split between two companies, Wochit and Wibbitz.”
  • Twitter Will Live Stream CBS Conventions Coverage
    Fresh from its coverage of Wimbledon and ahead of its NFL games deal, Twitter said this morning it will live stream CBS News coverage of both political conventions. It's a perfect fit for Twitter, which is best utilized during newsy events. 
  • 'Mr. Robot' Got A Surprise Facebook Season Debut
    Without any warning, USA Network released the first episode of the second season of "Mr. Robot" in the midst of a Facebook Live Q&A. The episode doesn't play for another three days on USA network.
  • Step Live.ly! New Live Stream App Already Has 2M Downloads
    Less than two weeks after making its debut at VidCon, live streaming platform Live.ly has over two million downloads. It's helped by its sister platform Musical.ly, a social network that lets users post 15 seconds or so of recorded music. Music superstars --and their fans--found that one quickly, too.
  • Protester Shoots FB Live Video of Dallas Cop Assault
    Michael Kevin Bautista shot vivid footage of the shootout in Dallas, and used his military training to stay out of harm's way himself.
  • Rooster Teeth's Burnie Burns, Looks Back
    With more than 4.5 billion views and 8.5 million YouTube subscribers alone. Rooster Teeth is a very old success story (for the digital video business anyway): 14 years old. Here, a chat with founder Burnie Burns.
  • The Awesome Upward Spiral Of Awesomeness
    It's been sold four times in four years, for a lot more money every time. What's next? Maybe a spin off?
  • Twitter Streams Live From Wimbledon: Pluses, Minuses
    Twitter showed live interviews and features from Wimbledon. Some of it was good, some not very. It's a rehearsal for Twitter's NFL live feed of games starting this fall. 
  • Mode Media Is In Layoff Mode Now
    Female-aimed Mode Media has laid off 30 employees in the U.S. and is planning further cutbacks internationally, according to a Wall Street Journal story. Mode isn't talking.
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