• Meet Ryan, YouTube's Big Star, Just 5 Years Old
    Lots of toys under the Christmas tree will be there because of 5-year old Ryan, a YouTube phenom.
  • 'Star Wars' Taps MLB, Topps To Assure Fans Get Real Autographs
    'Star Wars' fans are famous for being ripped off buying fake autographs. Today Topps (of bubble gum fame), the MLB and "Star Wars" announced a first of its kind authentication service for "Star Wars" fans assuring them they're buying the genuine item.
  • Peretti's BuzzFeed View Of The Internet
    BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti lays out a perceptive explanation of Internet Past, Present and Future. It's a reasonably concise summing up, that starts with addressing fake news.
  • Facebook Now Has Memorable Moments
    Facebook today is  rolling out a new feature that will place messages at the top of your News Feed which prompt users to discuss and share moments that are happening in the world, including the holidays, as well as other historical and cultural moments. 
  • Epileptic Journalist Targeted On Twitter With Strobe Video
    Newsweek political writer Kurt Eichenwald filed a court petition Monday demanding that Twitter unmask an anonymous tweeter who sent him a strobe light video with the intent of triggering a seizure, BuzzFeed reports
  • Who's Really Going To Live Tweet?
    Live video is something people still really care about, but it’s becoming more and more specialized across services. One of the big issues is that it’s still dominated by celebrities and influencers, for whom interest can be fickle.
  • What Amazon's Worldwide Push Means For Netflix, Competitors
    Jeff Bezos may be trying to make Amazon's video business the company's "fourth pillar" or just using it as a loss leader. Either way, its new presence in nations worldwide is tough competition for Netflix, and any other upstarts that aren't ready to compete at the that level. 
  • New Apps For Vimeo Make Watching Easier
    Vimeo's new apps for Apple TV, Android and Samsung smart TVs makes it much easier to quickly access its videos. It's Vimeo’s first HTML5-based TV app.  Last month, Vimeo said it plans own subscription service. This isn't it, though. 
  • YouTube Probes Viewers' Complaint, Declares Itself 'Not Guilty'
    Two YouTube executives showed up in a vlog to insist that, unlike what some viewers are saying, YouTube has not unsubscribed some users from some channels or omitted channels in their feeds. 
  • Amazon Expands Prime Video
    Amazon will now offer its Prime Video service in more than 200 countries around the world, TechCrunch reports. “Netflix expanded its service to 130 new countries in January, thereby making its streaming site available in almost every part of the world, and finally Amazon has responded,” it notes.
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