'Anger' Pays For Sheen, 'Men' Heads To Canada

Charlie-SheenAlready with a distribution deal with FX, Charlie Sheen’s coming sitcom “Anger Management” has a deal to appear north of the border. The arrangement will place Sheen’s post-“Two and a Half Men” venture on the Canadian network CTV.

“Anger Management,” inspired by the 2003 eponymous film, is set to begin production early next year under the aegis of Lionsgate. (It also owns part of the series.)

Sheen informed Canadians about his coming arrival in an on-air message on Bell Media-owned CTV, in which he took hits at some of Canada’s most cherished institutions.

"You seem like the nicest people in the world," he said. "But I know the truth. You're holding in a lot of anger. Why else would you drink so much beer, put on shoes with sharp blades and smack each other around with wooden sticks?"

A rollout date on FX and Canadian TV have not been announced. Revolution Studios, run by former Disney executive Joe Roth, is also involved in the production.

FX reportedly plans to link the show with “Two and a Half Men” reruns. A report said if the first episodes are deemed a success, an additional 90 will be ordered.

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