The Upfront Roundup

More than a hundred upfront, newfront, outfront and every-which-way-front presentations culminate this week as the major broadcast and cable networks unveil their 2014-15 programming schedules, and effectively, open up the sales gates for the upfront advertising negotiating season.

Whether or not there is more or less scarcity in the supply of desired advertising opportunities remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure, there is not paucity of events, presentations and network TV schmoozefests. To help MediaPost Weekend subscribers catch-up -- and prepare -- here's a round-up of the best of MediaPost's coverage.

CBS Remains The Broadcaster To Beat In An Ever-Changing Media Landscape



When it comes to consuming media, there is nothing quite as inviting as a rock-solid broadcaster that remains true to its stated goals and delivers on them with reassuring consistency. That's one of the reasons ... By Ed Martin

NBC's The Network To Watch -- And Maybe Buy -- This Upfront

Network sellers and buyers are gearing up for a big battle this upfront. But who will be the real leader? CBS says it is. For the 2013-2014 season, CBS posted the best 18-49 viewer ratings and ... By Wayne Friedman

Heading Into Upfront Week, NBC Has Much To Celebrate And Build Upon

As we head into upfront week, NBC remains in the opening slot of the week -- Monday morning -- which on the upside means its audience will be relatively fresh and attentive, and on the downside means it ... By Ed Martin

ABC And Fox Have Their Work Cut Out For Them Next Season

As far as new series are concerned, this has been a rather downbeat year for Fox and ABC. With so much room for improvement at both, I can't wait to see the new shows they ...By Ed Martin

Who Is Going To Watch All That Video?!

According to the media research, video consumption is up and time spent with digital media is up. I know that some of the media companies have double-digit increases versus a year ago, but does anyone you ... By Barry Lowenthal

Buyers Predict End To Upfront 'Scarcity:' Cite 'Overwhelming' Supply, Shift To Audience-Buying

The rapid expansion of supply, data and the ability to target audiences directly, as opposed to the programming they watch, is beginning to change the way Madison Avenue participates in the upfront media-buying marketplace, according to ... By Joe Mandese

Buy Us: 'We're Cheaper'

In the current upfront, TVGN, the former TV Guide Network, now co-owned by CBS and Lionsgate, and competing with the older all-entertainment-skewing network E!, has taken a different kind of approach to marketers: more direct and ... By Wayne Friedman

Where Will The New Digital Video Money Come From?

As more gets spent on original digital video, does the money come at the expense of original TV programming -- or from somewhere else in marketers' budgets? By Wayne Friedman

Getting More Upfront Mania -- Even After Your Fill

The number of upfront presentations is getting so crowded that some networks want to make sure their message gets out -- even in reruns. MTV, a day after its recent upfront, emailed journalists a video link for ... By Wayne Friedman

Fox Pushes For C7 Ratings, Boosts Revenues By 12% In 3Q

Just days before Fox's upfront TV presentation -- as well as other TV networks -- 21st Century Fox executives continue to make a case for the Fox network to get C7-based upfront deals from TV advertisers. By Wayne Friedman

TV Upfront: More C7 Time-Shifted Deals, Digital Video Makes Headway

Will the TV upfronts see more structural changes -- making marketers pay for additional time-shifted programming -- from programs viewed beyond three days via TV homes own DVR units, advertising in video on demand services or advertising on ... By Wayne Friedman

C7? Not So Fast. What Will TV Marketers Want In Return?

Thinking about C7 this upfront? Only if the price is right. And don't worry -- this isn't about an industrywide change circa 2007. TV network ad sellers continue to pursue efforts to get paid for ... By Wayne Friedman

Breaking Dead: AMC Stars Ask Ad Execs To Pass The Bread

Ad executives and media buyers are used to being wined and dined -- and even mingling with the talent (ie, stars of popular TV shows) during network upfront sales presentations. But the celebrity mingling part normally is ... By Joe Mandese

PBS Makes Pitch For Online Sponsorships

Two years ago, PBS began creating original Web-only series and now boasts more than 30 shows streamed 5 million times a month by more than 1 million subscribers. Programming from PBS Digital Studios, distributed mainly through ... By Mark Walsh

PBS Digital Is Looking For A Few Good Partnerships

At its NewFronts presentation, PBS Digital made it crystal clear it came to play in the digital space, where, it appears, it's already gained a lot of traction with younger viewers. By P.J. Bednarski

AOL Slates 16 New Series, Banks On A Lot Of Inspiration

Its ambitious AOL On schedule dotes on heroes and life-changing moments, in a more or less agreeable way. Tim Armstrong positions AOL as a kind of standard-bearer for the online video segment. By P.J. Bednarski

NewFronts Open With A Strange Pair--'The New York Times' And BuzzFeed

The online video NewFronts presentations began this morning with an "Odd Couples" one-two punch: The New York Times unveiling its expanding roster of video products and touting its expertise and tradition, followed by BuzzFeed this afternoon ... By P.J. Bednarski

A Week Of NewFronts: A World of Food Shows And Analytics

America now is at the limit for cooking shows, and I say that just a few hours after enjoying a delicious waffle ice cream sandwich with espresso concoction made for the Pop Sugar NewFront crowd at ... By P.J. Bednarski

Vevo NewFront Proves Music And Money Makes World Go 'Round

With a strong millennial and Hispanic base, Vevo is a music powerhouse and at its NewFront, it let advertisers know it. By P.J. Bednarski

Conde Nast Unveils The Scene, New Digital Video Platform

In the realms of high fashion, food and culture, CondeNast is considered the consummate insider. When it comes to new media, however, the publisher is assuming the role of disruptive rebel. Embodying this disruptive pose, CN ... By P.J. Bednarski, Gavin O'Malley

Too Much Of An Awesome Thing: YouTube's 'Preferred' Gives Advertisers A Top Shelf

How do you solve a problem like massive popularity and an over supply of content? You start Google Preferred, the YouTube slice of the top YouTube video sites for advertisers overwhelmed, or frightened, by where their ... By P.J. Bednarski

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