FCB's Nivea Sun Kid-Tracking App Wins Grand Prix Mobile

It takes more than brilliant creative to wow judges these days. FCB Brasil won the Grand Prix in the Mobile category at the Cannes Lions Festival last night for developing an ad that turned into a bracelet for children to wear so that parents could monitor them on their smartphones.

Developed for Nivea Sun Kids, the "Protection Ad" campaign centered around an app that built upon Nivea's print ads that reinforce the product’s main attribute: protection from the Sun. 

Nivea wanted to extend its protection messaging to another key concern: Children who get lost on the beach. The resulting campaign combined technology with traditional media to deliver a useful utility to families. 

FCB developed the Nivea Protege app, which parents could download from either the App Store or Google Play.



With the app a parent could pair the bracelet, detachable from a print ad, with the identity of the child wearing it and select the distance the child could go without triggering an alert. And the built it tracking device showed parents if they were getting nearer or further from children they wanted to rein in.

Eight of every 10 people who saw the bracelet ad downloaded the app, and even after the campaign ended, the ad remained on parents’ cell phones and children’s arms. Nivea also received numerous requests for bracelets from families who heard about it but did not see the print ads containing it.

The campaign also was credited with boosting Nivea Sun Kids to the segment’s sales leader for the first time, with a 62% increase in Rio de Janeiro. 

More information on the campaign is available here

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