Honey Nut Cheerios' BuzzBee To Assist Angry Birds 2 Players

For a limited time, starting Aug. 6, Honey Nut Cheerios' BuzzBee will be part of the just-released "Angry Birds 2" game.

The spokesbee is using his "Honey Blaster Spell" to help players by raining Honey Nut Cheerios down on the game's piggies. 

A teaser video on YouTube demonstrates the bee's superpower. 

Rather than interrupt players to serve an ad, the brand is providing an opportunity to have Buzz help them clear a level they are struggling with, Cheerios Associate Marketing Manager Jared Pippin explained in the General Mills blog

This is the first time that General Mills has had one of its equity brand characters featured in an established game. 



According to Paul Chenier -- head of brand partnerships and advertising for Angry Birds' parent company, Rovio Entertainment -- integrating the BuzzBee character in the game represents a technological advancement in in-game mobile advertising, because it's being delivered through Rovio's ad server for a limited time, rather than being hard-coded into the game. 

Rovio's original Angry Birds mobile game has been downloaded more than 3 billion times. 

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