In Asia/Pacific, Screen-Switching Is Strong (And Don't Discount Desktop)

More than half of Asia/Pacific multi-device owners switch between three or more screens, according to cross-screen ad startup Appier.

In fact, 49% of multi-device owners in this region use two devices; 29% use three; and 22% use four or more.

And don't forget about desktop just yet. The report found PCs are still important, generating about half as much usage as smartphones, even though smartphones easily outnumber PCs. And each unique PC is used about four times as much as each unique smartphone, the report found.

Other highlights from the Taiwanese company's report include:

 -- Half or more multi-device owners switch between three or more screens in Australia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.
-- In Australia, 59% of multi-device users switch between 4 or more screens.
-- Mobile phone far outnumber tablets and PCs in the countries studied. On weekdays, for every active PC there are 6.4 active mobile phones ("active" meaning that it's powered on and connected to the internet).
-- Women are 14% more active on tablets than men on average across the region. Men are 4% more active on smartphones than women, on average.



The report, based on user behavior from Appier campaigns, analyzed more than 850 billion campaign data points, including ad requests, impressions clicks and conversions. Countries covered were Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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