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Facebook Lets Brands Target Ads Based On How Much Time, Money People Spend On Its Sites And Apps

More than two years after Facebook began to allow brands to retarget people who visited its sites and apps, the company is going to allow them to retarget people based on specific things they did on a brand’s site or app, such as how much time or money they spent, according to a report in Marketing Land. "The expansion of Facebook’s Web site custom audiences ad-targeting option is supposed to make it easier for brands to get in front of the most valuable members of their sites’ and apps’ audiences." The move is expected to address a challenge that marketers have whereby they see a lot of traffic to their Web sites and apps, "but not all people are the same who come to their Web sites and apps,” Maz Sharafi, director of monetization product marketing at Facebook, told Marketing Land. "Instead of just advertising to people who visited a site or specific page on a site, brands can pinpoint the people who visited a page or did something on the site a certain number of times. That could help brands make sure they aren’t wasting so much money on window shoppers and redirect those dollars to the people who are getting more serious about buying something, like the ones who keep returning to check out a specific car model or review financing options."



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