Google, Paramount Test Instant Video Ads At Comic-Con

Live at Comic-Con Wednesday night, Google and Paramount Pictures tested the concept of "instant video ads," where a brand can shoot and edit a video, then instantly deliver it as a programmatic advertisement on the screen. The experiment was conducted at the IMAX world premiere screening of Star Trek Beyond, accompanied by a live orchestra. 

The cast and crew of "Star Trek Beyond" used phones pre-loaded with Google DoubleClick’s experimental technology to capture the events on the red carpet during the initial hours of the premiere.

Using DoubleClick's technology on the Nexus 6P smartphones, Paramount edited the videos in real-time and served fans advertisements in-the-moment.



Google and Paramount tested the idea by adding live footage from the event to the movie screening as the even occurred.

"We're not launching a new mobile app," a Google spokesperson told Media Daily News. "We're simply testing some cool technology that was developed by our team. Paramount is the first advertiser to test it."

One main goal of the experiment is to see whether Google can reduce the time it takes to create video ads from months to minutes. The idea is to learn from the test and find ways to evolve video and programmatic video ads for the industry.

The output of the experiment is a TrueView video ad, which runs through DoubleClick’s programmatic platform, DoubleClick Bid Manager. The ability to create in-the-moment video ads on a mobile device will allow Paramount to bring in-the-moment events to its storytelling, transporting "Star Trek" fans onto the red carpet with at the premiere.

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