Search Experts Skeptical Of Google AMP Updates

Search experts and those that rely on positive and personal mobile experiences to market and advertise their products and services are diverging from Google's latest Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP) news to vent about a troubling experience.  

While AMP may speed up the Web and make it "much easier to access the original URL from results" in Google Search, some search experts are venting about other concerns.

In the comments section of Google's most recent post describing updates for AMP, Alejandro Zielinsky, SEO senior analyst at T20 Media, wrote that the AMP feature reduces the Web site's functionality by caching the content. Another comment describes worries that "Google is unfairly prioritizing AMP in search results."

"If load times and user experience is really the issue here, then Google should prioritize based on load speed," wrote Yee Cheng Chin. "An AMP site with tons of images isn't necessarily better than a simple minimal static page Web site served over CDN. I also want to use Google to look for relevant content, not whether a website conforms to Google's own proprietary standards when searching."

Chin, along with others, simply want to know how to disable the feature.

A commenter using the screen name Saza Cat, posted that Google's most recent changes to display three URLs is annoying.

"What you do with your page content it's not my business until [it] ruins my mobile browsing experience!" she wrote in a comment on the post. "I cannot get to the original article, URL, and content of what I click onto!"

It's not all bad news for AMP users and search experts.

Business consultant Sigfredo Zamorano is pleased about the load times and how Web sites look when running on Google AMP. He writes that many sites not readable prior to the switch have become much easier to read.  


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