Tres Agaves Touts The Tequila Made In Tequila

Trinchero Family Estates and its agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) are expanding the Tres Agaves Tequila ad campaign that differentiates the tequila brand by focusing on its distinctive birthplace — Tequila, Mexico.

“The new elements of the campaign build on the ‘Tequila made in Tequila’ initiative we launched late in 2016 to bring to life the world of Tres Agaves through the people in the town of Tequila,” says Jay Turner, marketing director, spirits, Trinchero Family Estates.

Characters in the campaign, including Carlos the Volcano Climber and Jorge the Jimador, among others, now have their own Facebook pages and interact with fans as Facebook Messenger chat bots. Consumers reach these characters via calling cards being offered via Tres Agaves vendors and through the Tres Agaves digital channels. 



 A voicemail and text messages from the three characters will direct fans to the Facebook Messenger experience, where consumers can enter to win a trip to the Tequila Valley. 

The campaign is also launching a series of digital films that show scenes of "everyday life" in the valley featured as ”channels” on Tres TV, a section on the Tres Agaves site. These ads feature original characters who live in the Tequila Valley. The agency discovered the individuals through an open casting call in the location and developed story lines around them to give the town a personality all its own. 

There are also several short films that delve further into the tequila making process and community. 

The original campaign launched last November 2016.  


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