Accenture Interactive Launches New Programmatic Offering

Accenture Interactive has advised clients on best practices for bringing programmatic ad buying services in-house. Now it is offering a programmatic ad planning and buying service of its own.

The company said today it was launching Accenture Interactive Programmatic Services, which it described as a “bespoke service” that will drive “greater transparency and efficiency in programmatic media planning and buying.”

Transparency has been an agency-client issue for years. Some clients have been leery of agency offerings that buy up inventory and re-sell it to clients at undisclosed profit levels.

The issue gained wide visibility two years ago. That's when the ANA revealed the findings of its Transparency Report alleging large-scale deceit, at least on the part of some agencies said to be pocketing rebates that might rightfully belong to clients.



The new unit will continue to help clients bring programmatic services in-house and will also offer a soup-to-nuts programmatic offering on an AOR basis.

“Advertisers are reacting to the changing media landscape, and they want to move beyond the status quo and take back control of their media capability,” stated Scott Tieman, global lead of programmatic services, Accenture Interactive. “Accenture Interactive has an offering that is highly differentiated in the market and is built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

"We have the ability to leverage Accenture’s global footprint and capabilities to integrate strategy, creative, data, technology and analytics together to drive superior results – a clear advantage for our clients.”

Accenture Interactive is collaborating with Accenture Operations to pitch media services. It already serves clients such as HP, Radisson Hotel Group and Melia Hotels.

Remy Merckx, vice president digital at Radisson Hotel Group, credited the consultant/agency’s “proven track record to help businesses like us increase their ROI by instilling greater efficiencies and transparency into the programmatic media and marketing spend.”


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