Fashion Retailer Forever 21 Adds AI Visual Search To Online Shopping

Fashion retailer Forever 21 is adding visual search and navigation powered by artificial intelligence for online shoppers.

The visual search and navigation function will appear as a standalone module on the Forever 21 web and mobile home pages, where shoppers can search for dresses, shorts, pants, tops and jeans.

Online shoppers can search items by clicking on icons that represent the features in an outfit, such as the length and fit of a skirt or color of a shirt. In an initial trial of the system, Forever 21 saw an increase in sales conversions and a 20% increase in average purchase value.

The visual search and navigation is being provided by Donde Search, which uses an algorithm that mimics the way shoppers think about products, leading to more relevant recommendations, according to Forever 21.

“Visual search technology bridges the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the rich discovery experience of traditional retail by enabling our customers to search for clothing in the same way they think about it, using visuals, not words,” stated Alex Ok, president of Forever 21. “Early data shows that this is one of the most important innovations in the e-commerce space in recent years.”

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