DKNY Intros AR Campaign For New Fragrance

DKNY is tapping augmented reality in the launch of a digital marketing campaign to promote a new fragrance called DKNY Stories.

The campaign, which will start in Singapore before expanding to other markets, will run until the end of the year.

DKNY is incorporating Meitu’s AR technology Beauty Plus and will offer an exclusive DKNY branded filter creating an authentic Manhattan background image along with pink sunglasses.

“It was such an exciting opportunity for us to integrate DKNY’s brand image and into an exclusive filter for our app,” stated Kathy Park, general manager of business development at the Meitu Korea office, who leads this partnership, “Now is the time to move beyond traditional ad formats and focus on ‘retail-tainment’ strategies that allow brands to communicate with potential customers more interactively through unique and engaging content.”

BeautyPlus is a selfie app developed by Meitu, a Chinese AI-driven photo and video editing and mobile internet company, which has 450 million users worldwide. The campaign will offer an online giveaway event for those using the BeautyPlus DKNY filter.

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