ReadyCloudCRM Now Available In Magento Versions 1 And 2

ReadyCloud, the provider of an ecommerce CRM suite, now supports Magento versions 1 and 2, and is available to users of those versions, the company announced on Monday.

Retailers use ReadyCloudCRM to improve customer relationships and to sync and create email marketing campaigns using the product’s Constant Contact and MailChimp integrations, the firm says.

Magento 1 and 2 users can access ReadyCloudCRM via the App Store, the company says. 

ReadyCloud CRM provides reporting tools including profile, trends, filters, tasks, orders, shipping and returns, the company says.

Customer service profiles feature purchase histories and individual order lifecycles, it adds.

The product is designed to create “customer profiles based on new and existing orders from across all your sales channels,” states Michael Lazar, an executive at ReadyCloud CRM.

He adds, “These are the customers you never meet, who buy from you online."

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