Microsoft Advertising Announces Ad Customizers For All Accounts

Microsoft Advertising now offers an ad customizer, a feed-based technology that injects dynamic information into ads, based on attributes in the targeting feed.

The parameters in the ad copy follow a specific format such as feed name and attribute name. If the feed name is “Deals,” for example, and the marketers wants to reference the custom attribute “Product” in the text, the parameter would look like {=Deals.Product}.

“The possibilities with ad customizers are endless since you can surface any text you’d like,” writes Akshaya Pragadeeshram, program manager at Microsoft Advertising, in a blog post. “You can change ads based on an array of targeting options within the feed, including, but not restricted to, location, audience lists, device, search queries, time of day and others.”

Pragadeeshram provides this example: To modify ad text based on user location, marketers can create a feed with a Target Location attribute. She provides a detailed description and explains what the person will see in the search ad.



Marketers also can use Target audience ID to provide better deals to users who are already looking for your products or service.

Marketers also can create and manage feeds via Feed Management Tool in the user interface, Google Import tool, and integration with Microsoft Advertising bulk API. In the coming months, Pragadeeshram said, Microsoft Advertising will provide the ability to schedule feed uploads from a URL.

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