GreatHorn Enhances Email Security Platform, Integrates With dmarcian

GreatHorn has updated its email security platform to provide more visibility and enhanced phishing detection, and is integrating with dmarcian, a DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) provider, the company says. 

The goal is to ensure that users “receive all the information they need to identify and remediate the exceedingly complex and cunning threats targeting their end users,” states Kevin O’Brien,  CEO and co-founder of GreatHorn. 

The improved platform provides a holistic framework for seeing risk factors across the entire email security stack, it adds.  

The dmarcian integration will allow firms to implement DMARC and secure their email domains, the company adds. 

GreatHorn contends that traditional email security vendors are siloed into stand-alone protection set-ups. 

The company claims that its platform reduces Mean-Time-to-Detect threats and Mean-Time-to-Respond. 



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