Amazon Prime Day Saw Plethora Of Deals By Brands

Deals were widely promoted alongside Prime Day this year, according an analysis by RetailMeNot.  

A total of 370 retailers were seen promoting deals, up slightly from 2021.

Most of these were short-duration flash sales, with some using “Prime” or “Black Friday in July” messaging.  

In addition, there were many one-day flash deals and extended three-day offers, compared to two-day deals in line with Amazon’s event dates.  

The offer quality was the same or better this year than it was in 2021.

The average discount across both days was 20% among all retailers, slightly higher YoY. 

The most popular categories (by demand and orders for Prime Day vs the prior four-week period) were:

  • Computers & Electronics
  • Office Supplies
  • Accessories (Sunglasses, Jewelry, Handbags) 
  • Personal Finance
  • Travel
  • Personal Services
  • Toys & Kids
  • Home & Garden  

The most discounted categories were:

  • Personal Finance 44% vs. YTD average 26% 
  • Office Supplies 24% vs. 18% 
  • Sport & Fitness 21 vs. 16% 
  • Automotive 18% vs. 17% 
  • Teen Clothing 20% vs. 19% 

"This year, we saw less food and pantry deals compared to previous Prime Days,” says Kristin McGrath, shopping expert for RetailMeNot. “As we’ve seen across the board, there is an increased demand for those types of grocery and pantry items, and likely why there are fewer Prime Day promotions for those products.” 

McGrath adds that “one category that stood out year on year is gift card deals — we saw deeper gift card discounts plus a greater variety than last year, with up to 25% off a wide range of stores."  


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