Social Jitters: Shoppers Trust Brands More Than Networks With Their Data

Brands are more trusted than social media for protecting consumer data. 

In a recent survey of shoppers, SimplicityDX found that 53% do not trust social channels to refrain from abusing, sharing or selling their data, while 34% say the same thing about brands. 

It’s not good news for either side, and it extends to credit-card data: 47% have no trust in social media to protect their data, and 37% lack faith in brands. 

This highlights the need for first- and zero-party data, and for obtaining consent for email and other communications, as well as supporting brands with BIMI ((Brand Indicators for Message Identification).  

The findings are part of a broader survey that seems to demonstrate that using social media as a force for ecommerce presents many challenges.

For instance, 81% of consumers complain about poor landing experiences when referred by social channels. Moreover, 71% prefer to buy on brand websites, compared to only 13% who prefer social and 16% who have no preference. 



The most problematic social landing experiences are:

  • Product availability — 98%
  • Broken link — 30%
  • Very slow landing page — 22%
  • Error message — 19%
  • Error page — 17%
  • Incorrect page — 16%
  • No link — 13%
  • None of the above — 28%

One positive finding about social media is that 48% consider it a great place to learn about new products, while 13% see it as a way to discover how others are using new products, and 12% consider it an arena for discussing new offerings. Five percent add that social media is a great way to discuss potential purchases, but 20% don't use it for shopping. 

The most popular sites? Facebook leads with 61%, while Instagram comes in a distant second with 20%, followed by Facebook Messenger (14%) and TikTok (4%). And 4% cite “other.”

Meanwhile, few consumers have bought during live-streaming shopping events. Their response:

  • I have no plans to go to one — 25%
  • I’ve never been to one but would consider it — 19%
  • I don’t know what they are — 17%
  • I’ve been but never purchased any products — 16%
  • I’ve purchased products during livestream events — 16%
  • None of these — 7%

SimplicityDX surveyed 501 online shoppers, each of whom had made a purchase in the prior 90 days.


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