Two Spirits Brands Team To Fight Testicular Cancer

Recipe for a clever ad campaign tagline: Take Whipshots, the vodka-infused whipped cream from Starco Brands and rap star Cardi B.

Add the whipped cream to BuzzBallz, a ready-to-drink cocktail brand.

The result is “Whip the Ballz,” a line that would be clever by itself, but takes on added meaning due to the third player in this new campaign: the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation (TCAF).

Combining social media elements with in-store display support from thousands of retailers, the campaign -- timed to coincide with April’s Testicular Cancer Awareness Month -- stresses the importance of monthly self-exams to detect the cancer. “So take a moment to check yourself (or have someone do it for you :) and let’s help save lives,” suggests one Whipshots post.



“Although it’s the leading cancer in men aged 15-44, there’s a 95% survival rate when testicular cancer is detected early,” noted Kim Jones, founder and chief executive officer of TCAF, in an announcement.

As part of the social media aspect of the awareness campaign, consumers will be asked to create and post their own original drinks using the two brands (we’ll have BuzzBallz’ Espresso Martini topped with caramel Whipshots, please!). For each post using the hashtag #WHIPTHEBALLZ, Whipshots will make a donation to the TCAF.

"Being able to raise awareness for testicular cancer is something that is not overly common, let alone in the spirits industry," David Dreyer, chief marketing officer of Starco Brands, stated in announcing the campaign, which he said will “help further educate consumers, both male and female, on the disease and ways to check and help prevent more diagnoses."

Yashika Maru, BuzzBallz marketing manager, called the campaign “ballsy,” saying “these are two very fun, innovative brands coming together to support an important cause.”


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