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Brands Head To Barbieland


She’s just a Barbie girl, living in a co-branded world. Greta Gerwig’s movie about the Mattel icon is now out in theaters, and brands from Aldo to Zara are getting in on the glitz of the Barbie blitz.

Here are just a few Barbie collaborations -- CPG and beyond -- many of which are already selling out.


It’s no secret that Barbie loves her shoes, with the doll purportedly donning about a billion different pairs  over the years. So co-branded footwear was a no-brainer for the film’s release. Crocs may seem a less natural fit for Barbie than, say, the Barbie line from retailer Aldo Shoes. But that arguably makes the partnership work well for Crocs in broadening its brand image.

In addition to its Barbie clogs and sandals (which are popular enough to sold out in most women’s and children’s sizes), the brand is also offering Barbie Jibbitz shoe charms -- which, at $4.99, are among the cheapest Barbie movie merch consumers can find.



Glasshouse Fragrances

Barbie’s Dreamhouse is almost as iconic as the star herself, inspiring at least one other collab in a one-of-a-kind listing from Airbnb. In a stretch of imagination, Glasshouse Fragrances thought to ask: “What does Barbie’s Dreamhouse smell like?”

The answer? According to the brand’s description of the soy-based candle: top notes of raspberry, and strawberry leaves; middle notes of elderberry, elderflower, blackcurrant, fresh strawberry, and plastic doll; and base notes of brown sugar and crushed mint leaves. It’s currently sold out on the brand’s site, but will inform consumers when it’s back in stock.

Kitsch Hair Accessories

There’s room for more than one Barbie hair collab in Barbieland. The Barbie x Kitsch collection includes everything from satin pillowcases to scrunchies and claw clips, to heatless curlers. While it appears to be a hit -- with the brand labeling much of the collection as “Best Seller” -- it’s also currently one of the more accessible ones out there at the moment, as each of its items appears to still be available.

Impala Roller Skates

Stills from the roller-skating scene in “Barbie” made waves when they were released online, so it’s no surprise that the neon gear sported by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling was made available for sale. Nor is it surprising that it quickly sold out. The Barbie x Impala roller skates are now back in stock for consumers emerging who want to cruise down the boardwalk.

Moon Oral Care

The Barbie toothbrush is the collab with Moon Oral Care, which includes an electric toothbrush and toothpaste (bubble-mint-flavored, naturally).

NYX Cosmetics

Barbie is a beauty icon, so snagging a branded partnership is a big win for a cosmetics brand. NYX’s Barbie collection is an affordable way for consumers to get in on the Barbie fun – if they’re lucky enough to track it down. The hit collection includes everything from lip gloss to pigment and cheek palettes, and the sleeper hit flip phone mirror. Everything but the eye pencil kit and Barbie Jumbo Lash is sold out on the brand’s website, but the collection is also carried at a number of national retailers.

OPI Nail Polish

Another natural fit, Barbie’s collaboration with OPI includes a wide-range of Barbie-inspired shades such as Welcome to Barbieland, My Job is Beach and HI Barbie! There’s also a press-on nail manicure line sold at Ulta.

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