LinkedIn Tests TikTok-Esque Video Feed

LinkedIn is testing a new feed similar to that of TikTok's.

In adopting a short-form video feed, the business-to-business app is following the lead of other social platforms while also attempting to broaden its appeal to a new generation of professionals.

LinkedIn has confirmed to TechCrunch that recent sightings of a video feed are true after Austin Null, strategy director at influencer marketing agency McKinney, posted a demo on the platform highlighting the new feed.

Similar to that of TikTok and Instagram Reels, LinkedIn's beta feed is featured in a new “Video” option that users can click to see a vertical feed of short videos highlighting business-related content like footage from professional panels, job-seeking advice and more.

Users have the option to swipe through, while leaving comments, liking, and/or sharing with others on LinkedIn and other social platforms.



The company has yet to discuss how its algorithm determines which videos users see.

The Microsoft-owned company, which began allowing users to post videos to the main feed in August 2017, now says that video has become a primary content format for users looking to learn more about their industry.

Similar to Spotify's new plans to introduce educational video content into its platform, LinkedIn's swipeable video feed may result in a larger influencer community.

In recent years, the app has attracted more podcasters, career coaches and business-owners who continue to post regularly to the site and amass large followings.

By introducing vertical video, LinkedIn could provide a wave of content creators with a new highly trafficked space to promote their videos and reach younger viewers.

However, with the feature in early testing, the company hasn't yet mentioned anything about monetizing the feature for creators.

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