Email Marketing Daily Editions for March 2018
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 30, 2018
MailChimp Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising In Emails
Developers Can Build Custom Email Widgets With New Salesforce Tool
Design Rules For Email Newsletters
Vendor Says Email Tool Increases Client Revenue
Facebook In About Face: It Now Dumps 'Data Brokers'
Email Addresses Stolen In MyFitnessPal Breach
Accenture Scoops Up Meredith's Digital Agency
Email Scam Asks Recipients To Send Funds For 'Emergency'
Gen X: 'The Forgotten Generation' By Name, By Advertisers In Real Life
11 Ways To Create Loyal Customers Beginning April 1
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 29, 2018
Trump Campaign Exploits Citizenship Question In Email
EU Is Losing Faith In U.S. Privacy Protections: Report
SendGrid Offers Self-Service Email Delivery Tracker
Pelosi Sends Email To Help Florida Candidate
Facebook Ends 'Partner Categories' Ad Targeting Program
Microsoft Reorganizes: Puts Focus On Cloud, AI
Will Microsoft's New Terms Lead To Email Censorship?
Sending Personal Data By Email Under GDPR
Why Is Facebook Saving Users' Unposted Videos?
ANA: Industry Should Strengthen Privacy Rights
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Yahoo Mail Reported Down For Many Users
Return Path Offers Email Delivery Monitoring Help To Email Service Providers
Consent Matters: What Facebook Could Learn From Email Marketing
Salesforce Launches Content Block Software Developer Kit
Facebook Redesigns Settings Menu To Help Users Control Data, Privacy
Spam Scam Uses Name Of Stephen Hawking
Digital Marketing 4.0 For B2B Brands
Google May Allow Users To Tailor Email Conversation View: Android Police
The GDPR Brain Buster: Firms Can't Decipher Many Provisions
How To Build Sales With An Email Automation Funnel
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 27, 2018
'Trump' Boosts Email Engagement
High Court Declines To Hear Yahoo 'Dead Man' Case
Email Newsletter For Young Business People Pulls 230,000 Subs
Facebook Hit With New Suit, Faces FTC Privacy Probe
Credit Union Deploys Automated Email Platform From Act-On
Gmail Exposes Old Google+ Profiles, Blogger Asserts
Broadridge Acquires Israeli Tech Firm ActivePath
Truth In Email IDs: Yahoo Mail Tests New Brand Safety Standard
CleverTouch Debuts Email Tool In Marketo Platform
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 26, 2018
Restaurant Chain Apologizes For Lewd Emails
Trump Email Blast Calls For Election Of Allies
Six Email Marketing Tactics That Will Change With GDPR
Contextual Content And AI The New 'Wingmen' Of Email
Tricks For Improving Email Deliverability
Columnist Hits Zuckerberg For Response To Facebook Scandal
Facebook Paranoia: Have Consumers Had Enough?
SendGrid Expands In Midst Of Mixed Stock Reports
ARF To Unveil Consumer Data Privacy Initiative
Did Facebook Put Off An Ad Boycott With Mere GDPR Compliance?
People Matter; Marketing Channels Don't
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 23, 2018
Starbucks To Exchange Free Wi-Fi For Email Addresses
What Email Marketers Stand To Lose Due To Image Caching
EU Considers New Liability For Gmail, Facebook
GDPR Applies To B2B Marketers, Too
Big Tech Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality Repeal
The One Word That Pulls A 64% Email Response Rate
Google Working On Non-Personalized Ad-Serving Option To Comply With GDPR
Ten Tips On How To Drive Leads With Signature Marketing
Bridging The Gap To Mobile: A Q&A with Bridge CEO Robert Rose
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 22, 2018
Gumtree Partners With Phrasee, Increasing Email Engagement With AI
Five Ways To Avoid The Spam Folder
Trustifi Launches 'Certified' Encrypted Email Service
Why B2B Emailers Should Use HTML
AWeber Adds Automations For Small Business Email Broadcasts
Canada Liberals Use Email To Hit Conservatives On Guns
Facebook And Cambridge Analytica Hit With Privacy Lawsuit
Times Co. Posts Strong Q3 Earnings
Shut Down Facebook, Vox Cofounder Says
Zuckerberg Speaks
BBB Issues Warning In Wake Of Cambridge Analytica Flap
The Man Who Blew The Whistle On Cambridge Analytica
Firms Say They're Prepared For Recruiting Under GDPR: Study
Content Marketing Vendors Aid B2B Marketing Agility
CLOUD Act Hitches A Ride With Spending Bill
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Adobe Sensei Can Test Email Links, Alert Marketers If Broken
Identillect To Offer Sign-On For Microsoft 365 And Gmail
Cambridge Analytica Suspends CEO Amid Controversy Offers B2B Email Lead Service
Oath Takes Aggressive Steps Outlining GDPR Compliance
Learn From Millions Of Email Experiments (Without Having To Run Them)
Augmented Intelligence Trumps Artificial Intelligence
Digital Nightmare: Facebook Scandal Threatens Everyone
Email Tips For Restaurants: An Infographic
How To Break Through The Clutter Of Billions Of Emails
Furniture Retailer Taps AI For Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Orbitz Hacked, Email Addresses Exposed
Selling The Fear: GDPR Could Be The Next Y2K, Lawyer Warns
Advertisers Can Now Target Quora Users Via Their Email Address
A Guide To B2B Email Testing
U.S. Firms Most Likely To Suffer Email Fraud Attacks: Study
Daily Emails From Trump Irritate Recipient
Valimail Launches SPF Authentication Product For Emailers
Six Useful Gmail Features For Users
FTC Probes Facebook Over Data Transfers To Cambridge Analytica
Microsoft Email Users Gripe About New Edge Requirement
Facebook Let In, Regulator Shut Out: The Real Cambridge Analytica Issue
SMS Tops Email In Pennsylvania Special Election
Brand Loyalty Not A Millennial Trait
It's Not For You To Know: Consumers Loath To Share Personal Data, Study Shows
Agile and Variable Emails: The Latest Advances In Email Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 19, 2018
Email Hit Parade: The Top Retailers, As Ranked By Coherent Path
ESPs Advance In The Age Of AI And Machine Learning: Report
MailChimp Releases Spring Product Updates
Textium Offers Product For Linking Texting And Direct Mail
SEO Misconceptions Lead Small Businesses To Pull Back Investments
Click And Collect Shopping
Advanced Phishing Protection Starts With Mailbox Security
Email Marketers Should Improve Their Game
Case Study On how M7 Ran Its First Email Campaign
The Role Of Timing In Email Marketing Campaigns
How To Send Cold Emails -- With Emotional Intelligence
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