• GMO Food Fight Heats Up In California
    Supporters of a bill in California that would require marketers of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs) to state so on their labels delivered a petition yesterday with nearly a million signatures asking that a referendum on the issue be included on the ballot this November. The odds are good that it will be: There are nearly twice as many signatures as are required to force a vote.
  • BlackBerry Looking For Appy Development
    A drastic situation calls for uncommon measures, RIM has decided, so with its BlackBerry's market share eroding and faith in the company's ability to regain its prestige status among business users slipping, its new leadership team is resorting to a ploy more usually seen with juicer demonstrations at big-box stores: It's giving away "alpha" versions of a BlackBerry 10 device that is slated to roll out sometime in the semi-near future.
  • Microsoft Fills A Cranny With The Nook
    When I first heard about Microsoft investing $300 million or so in Barnes & Nobles' Nook division yesterday, I was reminded of the New York Yankees of a time when George Steinbrenner was still running the show and had a penchant for signing marquee players who were just a little bit past their prime. That's not to say that the likes of Jason Giambi and Randy Johnson didn't have productive years in pinstripes; just that they were eclipsed by younger prospects with sprightlier legs.
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