• Pushed To Its Limit, Verizon Offering Unlimited Data Plans
    There was a limit, after all, to just how long Verizon could withstand the pressure of its rivals offering unlimited data plans. Starting today, it will, too.
  • Mead Johnson Deal Fits Reckitt Benckiser's Growth Formula
    While it's not surprising that Glenview, Ill.-based baby-formula maker Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. is being acquired, it is a bit unexpected that it will be by U.K.-based Reckitt Benckiser Group, maker of Lysol cleaners, Durex condoms and Air Wick air fresheners. The $90-a-share takeover, which was announced in London early this morning, is valued at $17.9 million when debt is included.
  • Federal Judge Rules Against Anthem, Cigna Merger
    The other shoe that most observers have been waiting to drop came down with a thud yesterday. A federal district court judge in Washington D.C., ruled that the proposed $48 billion merger between Anthem and Cigna would lessen competition and - no surprise - result in higher prices for consumers.
  • Kors Sales Slip In What Is Becoming A Common Theme
    The ongoing decline of that hallowed American institution - the shopping mall - isn't helping Michael Kors but it has other problems, too, if yesterday's results are indicative of anything besides a 2.4% decline in total revenue for the holiday quarter, to $3.43 billion.
  • Disney Princesses Prove Good As Gold For Hasbro
    The royal Disney ladies are doing their magic for Hasbro. But with overall sales up 11%, its success can also be attributed to realizing that folks are not bored with board games even as they flail away at villains and sprites on their electronic devices.
  • Tiffany CEO Departs As It Returns To TV With Gaga
    Tiffany & Co.'s CEO of two years headed for the door yesterday even as a low-key but well-received spot for its new spokeswoman, Lady Gaga, made its debut just before her spectacular, gymnastic Super Bowl halftime show got underway. Shot in back and white, it opens with Gaga languidly blowing on a harmonica - a sharp contrast to her dazzling entrance in the night sky at NRG Stadium in Houston.
  • Uber CEO Quits Trump Advisory Panel After 200K Delete App
    Responding to public and internal pressure, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick yesterday resigned from President Donald Trump's economic advisory council. In an email to employees, he said that joining the group "was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted to be exactly that."
  • IBM's Watson To Help H&R Block Find Every Last Deduction
    H&R Block is not trumpeting its newest employee as an expansion of its workforce - in fact, one might view it as a harbinger of how difficult it will be for any entity to "bring jobs back" as smart and capable bots proliferate in the work place. The tax preparer and IBM announced yesterday that Watson, the artificial intelligence system, is joining the team later this week in a "new, exclusive, consumer-facing experience."
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