• Target Says Everything Is Going Better Than It Expected
    If you are among the "doomsday sayers," as a "Fortune" hed puts it, predicting the steady and inexorable decline of retail as we knew it, Target has just proven us wrongheaded.
  • Visa Ramps Up Its Efforts To Eliminate Cash On The Barrelhead
    Visa has launched a new initiative to make Hamiltons and pennies as quaint as the gold standard. Up to 50 small business restaurants, cafes or food truck owners can win $10,000 in The Visa Cashless Challenge by describing what going 100% cashless "means for them, their employees and customers."
  • Brandless.com Aims To Make Itself A Value-Based Brand Name
    What will three bucks get you? Anything and everything presently for sale at Brandless, a new ecommerce play backed by $50 million in venture financing and a whole lot of faith in the proposition that Millennials don't really care what your heritage is as long as the price is right and the quality cuts the mustard.
  • GOP Mounts Battles To Overturn CFPB Ban On Arbitration Clauses
    In a measure that harkens back to what seems like another era, a federal agency yesterday approved a rule that favors consumers over big business - specifically financial firms. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ruling forbids companies from using mandatory arbitration clauses that "deny groups of people their day in court," according the headline on the release announcing the action.
  • Musk Shows Off Bouncing Model 3 As Clean Energy Faces Pushback
    Elon Musk became the proud owner of the first of Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3 vehicles to roll off the production line this weekend and he, of course, took to Twitter to crow about it in an understated way: two pictures and the simple words "First Production Model 3."
  • QVC And HSN To Merge, Forging Third-Largest E-Retailer
    QVC parent Liberty Interactive is acquiring the 68% of HSN it does not already own to create the third-largest e-commerce company in North America after Amazon and Walmart. They will, however, remain separate brands producing a total of more than 55,000 hours of shoppable video content a year.
  • Hard Times For Pricey Denim And 'Cheesy' T-Shirts
    True Religion jeans filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in Delaware yesterday in an effort to forestall its transition to the afterlife.
  • Volvo Pulling The Plug On Gas-Only Vehicles
    Volvo announcied this morning that all of its models produced after 2019 will be either electric or hybrid.
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