• FDA Gives Go-Ahead To Teva's Generic EpiPens As Shortages Loom
    Generic copies of the drug, which treats severe allergic reactions, have been struggling to reach the market.
  • Senior-Focused GreatCall Takes The Call From Best Buy
    Best Buy is shelling out $800 million in cash for GreatCall, which sells mobile phones tailored to the booming 65-and-older crowd, as well as "connected health services."
  • Lampert's Hedge Fund Offers $400M For Kenmore Brand
    The offer from Sears CEO Eddie Lampert will "inject Sears with cash and stave off a bankruptcy filing," noted sources cited in the WSJ.
  • As Denim Fades And Yoga Pants Gain, VF Splits Into Two Companies
    VF Corp. is spinning off its Wrangler and Lee jeans business into a new company it is calling -- for now -- NewCo, to focus on its activity-based lifestyle and workwear brands.
  • Casper Sleep Wakes Up To The Benefits Of Bricks And Mortar
    Casper Sleep, which has been disrupting the mattress business since it launched online four years ago, opened some eyes last week by announcing it will expand from one permanent retail shop in Manhattan to 200 across the country over the next three years.
  • Adidas Leaps Forward With Retro Look, Strong World Cup Sales
    Adidas is kicking butt in the wake of its World Cup tie-ins but that's not the most exciting news emerging out of yesterday's second-quarter earnings announcement, which boasts an overall sales gain of 4%, with a 16% surge in combined sales of Adidas and Reebok in North America.
  • Amazon Launching Curbside Pickup At Whole Foods
    Consumers who have run out of milk, eggs and Alaffia Coconut Reishi Chai Shower Gel can punch up an order on their phone or laptop and pick it up at the curb of their local Whole Foods in an hour or so for free, the Austin, Tex.-based chain owned by Amazon announced yesterday. But only if they live in Sacramento, Calif., or Virginia Beach, Va., for now. And only if their bill tallies up to $35; otherwise there's a $1.99 fee.
  • The Boss Tweets His Way Into Another Storm
    Another tweet, another huge controversy. No, no, no. Not HIM. We're talking Elon Musk, who out of the blue suggested via Twitter yesterday that he might take Tesla private at $420 a share, raising questions of market manipulation and securities fraud, as well as earnest inquires into exactly what the outspoken CEO has been smoking.
  • MoviePass Reverses Its Price Hike, Limits Users To 3 Movies A Month
    In its latest effort to keep the house lights on after discovering that people don't like 50% price hikes, MoviePass will ditch its plan to raise its fees but will limit patrons to three flicks a month. That conforms neatly with the frequency that 85% of its customers put down their clickers and head to the multiplex, it says.
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 Has Become An 'Accidental' Open Secret
    "Accidental" leaks of the design and features of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 9 purportedly have revealed just about everything that is to be known about the device that Samsung hopes will give it renewed momentum in its market-share battle not only with Apple's iPhone X but also with cheaper competitors.
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