• Students Defrauded By For-Profit Colleges Will Get Loan Relief
    A federal judge ruled the U.S. Education Department must enforce the rule for loan relief, due to take effect in July 2017, but frozen by Education secretary Betsy DeVos.
  • Pharma Counter-Proposes Before Feds Propose Rule On Price Disclosure
    Pharmaceutical companies want to direct consumers to websites rather than disclose costs in direct-to-consumer television advertising.
  • Sears Files For Bankruptcy, Shutters More Stores But Aims To Revive
    "It's a sad day for American retail," says a consultant. "When you are in the retail business, it's all about newness. But Sears stopped innovating."
  • Investors Are Not Sheepish About Allbirds' Trendy Wool Sneakers
    The footwear startup has secured $50 million in additional funding and is now valued at more than $1.4 billion.
  • Consumer Advocates Jeer As Aetna, CVS Merger Is Cleared By Feds
    The merger still requires regulatory approval from some states, but the companies say the deal should close in the early part of the fourth quarter.
  • Google Formally Introduces The Hardware You've Been Reading About
    The announcement comes on the heels of the company's pulling the plug on its Google+ social network.
  • Rebranded Metro by T-Mobile Says It Will Offer 5G Service Next Year
    "Innovation that was science fiction a decade ago is not only possible, but investment opportunities are also developing right now," reads one report.
  • Target Zeros In On Budget-Conscious Millennials With Smartly
    Smartly is a line of everyday toiletries like razors, dish soap and toilet paper, set to go on sale in mid-October.
  • Toyota, SoftBank Combine Their Respective Autonomous And AI Forces
    The joint venture, dubbed Monet (for "mobility network"), expects to have autonomous vehicles on the road by the mid-2020s.
  • EBay Charges 'A.M.Z.N.' With Using Its System To Steal Sellers
    Amazon employees allegedly sent poaching messages in which they tried to disguise the word "Amazon" to avoid eBay's content monitoring.
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