• LeBron Under Fire For Criticizing Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Protests
    Meanwhile, James' brand sponsors "are staying mum amid [the] firestorm," writes Tamar Lapin for the "New York Post."
  • Authentic Brands Has Plans To Rescue Barneys With Shops In Saks
    Authentic is also in negotiations with Barneys' landlord to keep open its stores in Beverly Hills and its Madison Avenue flagship.
  • Michigan Pulls $600M From Fisher Investments Over Founder's Sexist Remarks
    Ken Fisher "stunned the crowd by comparing the process of gaining a client's trust to 'trying to get into a girl's pants,'" says a report.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines Battered By Twitterstorm
    Passengers documented a nonviolent "mutiny" and out-of-order toilets during a two-week European cruise that missed ports due to bad weather.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond Snatches Target's Tritton As CEO
    Tritton's first task? "To improve the in-store and online shopping experiences for customers as well as widen the company's merchandise assortment."
  • Meat Industry Pushing Back Against Plant-Based Alternatives
    Trade groups, ramping up marketing to underscore the difference between their products and rivals', also aim to police the labeling of plant-based meat and milk alternatives.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Turned Assault Rifles Into Scrap Metal, CEO Says
    Company destroyed the assault rifles it had in inventory "to keep them out of private hands" after the Parkland, Florida, massacre in February, 2018.
  • A Guy Walks Into A Bar And ... Orders A Glenlivet Seaweed Pod
    Single-malt Scotch whisky maker unveils "what may either be a creative bid to win millennial drinkers or just a ridiculous publicity stunt," according to "MarketWatch."
  • HP Slashing Work Force, Revising How It Sells Printers And Ink
    The company, which sold printers at a discount and then made money on ink cartridges, will still offer discounted printers -- but lock customers into buying ink from HP.
  • Tesla Sets Another Quarterly Sales Record -- But Wall St. Is Not Impressed
    "Tesla has been ramping up production as it attempts to transition from a niche electric-car maker to a mass producer," notes one report.
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