MediaPost Weekend Editions for February 2020
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020
Viral, Marketing: How The Coronavirus Is Impacting The Economics Of The Ad Industry
Coronavirus Forces China To Reinvent Digital
Toyota Preps For Olympics, Marketing Chief Expresses Concerns About Coronavirus
Attackers Exploit Coronavirus In Phishing Emails
Number Of TV Channels Received By U.S. Households Falls Dramatically
Let's Find 'Anti-Fragile' Solutions To The Loss Of The Cookie
No, It's Not A Deepfake. Yes, The Language Matters
New 'War Of The Worlds' On Epix Is A Suspense Gem
DAN Acquires Media Storm, Realigned With Merkle
Massachusetts Sues Juul, Alleging Kid Targeting -- And Cites Internal Ad Strategy Docs
Digital Political's 'Big One'
The New 'C Word:' Community
FTC To Review Influencer Marketing
NBA All Star Game Sells Out Early: Season Sees New Advertisers, Price Hikes
Facebook Allows Branded Political Content
Google Reportedly In Talks To Pay Publishers For News Content
Washington Privacy Proposal Will Spur 'Frivolous Litigation,' Ad Industry Warns
NBA All Star Game: No TV Ads In The Fourth Quarter, Charity Awards To Be Given
OTT Service Finds Consumers Prefer To Be Paid To Watch Ads, Converts To That Model
FTC To Study Big Tech Acquisitions Since 2010
What Is Your Personal Data's Share Of Media Spending?
The Saddest Part Of Sadfishing
Google Battles Tulsi Gabbard Over Ad Account Suspension
Analyst Shorts 'Super Bear' Agency Disintermediation Thesis, Cites End Of Google Managed Services
California AG Revises Potential Privacy Regulations
Absolut's #SexResponsibly Campaign Is Bold, Given Alcohol's Role In Assaults
'Oscars' Ad Pricing Same As 2019, But Ratings Down 20%
Agencies Show Their Love With Internal V-Day Initiatives
Good Moos! Joaquin Cow Speech Sparks Headline Creativity
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020
Is The Coronavirus Making Advertising Sick?
Google Oscar Predictions Based On Search, YouTube Views
Consumer Spending On Media Rises 4.3% In 2019, Lagging Ad Industry's 4.9% Growth
CIMM To Launch Joint Initiative For Ad Campaign Data Standards
Let 'er Rip: For GOP, Pelosi's Tantrum Was Picture Perfect
More Than 40 Million In U.S. Lack Broadband Access, Report Says
The Google Maneuver
Installed Ad-Blocking User Base Reaches 763M, Mostly Mobile
OK, Boomer: NBC Sitcom 'Indebted' Takes Aim At Older People
Radio Digital Ad Revenue Tops $1 Billion
Global Chaos Will Affect Ad Spend
MRC Proposes Ad Fraud Updates Covering In-App, OTT, Adds A 'Decision Rate' Calculation
Macy's Shuttering 125 Stores As Part Of 3-Year Revitalization Plan
McDonald's Chief: 'We Have To Win At Breakfast'
Disney+ Delivers Better-Than-Expected Q4, Adds 26.5M Subs
The Iowa Tokhes
Volkswagen Fills Top Sales, Marketing Job
Accenture To Close Its Media Auditing, Agency Search Businesses
YouTube Confirms It Will Police False Political Content, Including Deepfakes
Alphabet Reveals YouTube Brought In $15B In Ad Revenue In 2019
Will Nordstrom Add Anything New With Its Used-Clothes Model?
Super Ad Wins: 'Smaht Pahk,' 'Groundhog Day,' 'Loretta,' 'Cool Ranch,' 'Alexa,' 'Tough Never Quits'
Automakers Win Super Bowl
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020
Look Back At Super Bowls Past Reveals Forgettable Commercials
Kansas City Already Won The Fan Favorite Bowl
Super Bowl Roundup: Preview Of Beverage, Snack Spots
Women Nearly Half Of Super Bowl Audience, But Advertisers Miss The Whole Picture
In Scheduling Fluke, Super Bowl, Oscars Are One Week Apart
On Eve Of A Political Ad Bowl, Americans Vote Against Politicizing The Big Game
Impact Vs. Frequency: Bloomberg's Super Bowl :60 Vs. President's :30s
Most Popular Brands, Greatest Lift Among NFL Fans
You Decide: Bud Light, P&G Offer Viewers Choice Of Ads At Super Bowl
Jack Daniel's Finds A Way To Get Its Message Into The Super Bowl
The NFL 2020 Brand Enjoys Higher Favorability Pre-Super Bowl
Roku Confirms New Fox Deal Hours Before Super Bowl Telecast
Colorful Cast Of Characters Adorns First Walmart Super Bowl Spot
Kobe Bryant Was Important To Ad World, As Well As Sports
Planters "Pauses" Mr. Peanut Campaign In Wake Of Kobe Bryant's Death
Brexit Day Is Here -- But Change Is A Year Away
Google, Facebook, Twitter Working To Stop Spread Of Misinformation About Coronavirus
Spreading Coronavirus Could Affect U.S. Media, Concerns Mount Over Disney Properties
Craigslist Revenue Slides 27%, Marks First Significant Erosion Ever
Anti-Trump GOP Group Pushes Ads In Final Days Of Impeachment Trial
Location Data Was Shared Illegally, FCC Finds
Staying Human In The Age of Data
The Fundamentals Of An Evil Marketplace
Most Important Internal CMO Metrics -- Awareness, Sales, Media ROI -- In That Order
How To Avoid In-Housing Disaster
FDA Plans To Study Influencer Marketing
Ad Groups Want California To Hold Off Enforcing Privacy Law
Clayton Christensen, Who Disrupted Conventional Thinking, Dies At 67
Ford's Falotico Named Automotive Marketer Of The Year
IPG Mediabrands Signs Up For Nielsen Podcast Service, Signaling Milestone As An Ad Medium
Facebook Settles Faceprint Fight For $550 Million
Warren Buffett Unloads His Newspaper Business
Disney Integrates Hulu Into D2C Unit, Hulu CEO Randy Freer Exits
Amazon Surpasses Q4 Expectations, Ad Business Sustains Momentum
Mark Penn: Impeachment Trial Is 'An Exercise In Political Rage'
Avast Shutters Jumpshot, Exits Business After Reports Of Data Sharing