• Schwab Bungles Its Appeal To The Heart
    I have few strong feelings about Charles Schwab (or any other investment/banking/planning/insurance entity), but its continued efforts to forge a bond and position itself as the great protector of family and future land somewhere between insincere and delusional.
  • Brawny's 'Strength' Deflates Gender Cliches
    Brace yourself, people, because I’m about to unleash a take so blindingly, volcanically hot that MediaPost has put retinal specialists and magmatologists on retainer. I’m not joking. Don’t read the next paragraph unless you have copious amounts of gauze, ointment and holy water on hand. I cannot eliminate the possibility that it will reduce your house to a smoldering pile of ashes or sear the flesh off your bones. FYI: If you need a skin graft, I know a guy. Okay. Ready? Here we go: Women are much worse than men at loading the dishwasher. I base this conclusion on …
  • Mega-Controversial PSA: 'Caregiving Isn't Easy'
    I had a difficult time determining whether "Tougher Than Tough," an Ad Council PSA released this week that extols caregivers, was real or "SNL"-lite parody.
  • Marriott's Snap-Adventure Ducks Millennial Stereotypes
    I really dig a new Marriott campaign that leverages the smart cellular computer phone technology.
  • New-2-U Video Critique Classiq: Father's Day 2014 Dad Vids
    I'm otherwise occupied this week, so for your reading pleasure and our sales department's commitment-keeping here's an oldie-but-okayie from the archives.
  • Airbnb's Home Videos Overplay The Family Card
    I pity mobile-era brands like Airbnb. Or maybe I should say that I pity the people tasked with marketing them.
  • ESPN Starts Having Fun Again With 'Outside the Lines' Send-Up, 'Different World' Homage
    You know who's having a cool, stealthily viral last few months? ESPN.
  • Walmart Brand Films? Sure, Why Not.
    Turns out that Walmart is feeling a little differently about itself nowadays. Based on my experience that night, there appears to be a push to upscale the brand a bit.
  • Diesel's 'Make Love Not Walls,' Deconstructed
    In "Make Love Not Walls," Diesel sics its skinny-jean army on the notion of walls. It is everything you'd imagine, and yet still more.
  • Videos For "Grown-Up Children's Stories" Terrify And Delight
    The first in a series of videos previewing "Stories For Ways and Means," an anthology featuring stories written by musicians like Tom Waits and illustrated by painters who I presume are equally awesome but I know nothing about painting so I won't attempt to throw around any names, strikes me as so extraordinary.
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