• Lyft 'Borrows' Pepsi Undercover-Celeb Bit, Poorly
    How long a memory do you suppose most of us have for stuff we saw on the Internet? A couple of days, maybe? I'm not including myself in this calculation; I can't remember what I had for lunch today, even though an empty plate festooned with smears of peanut butter and be-jellied crumbs is within my immediate line of sight. I have to think, though, that for people who didn't beer their brains into submission during the first decade of this century, the most memorable brand content endures for at least a little while. I bring this up because Lyft, …
  • Fashion Week From Afar Is Still Fab
    Let me share the three clips that most vividly transported the magic from the runway to the wood-like surface upon which my computer rests.
  • Hall & Oates Bring Out The Best In Brands, Naturally
    What's the official record for number of brands simultaneously boosted, burnished or otherwise bettered by/in a single video? Maybe two?
  • Calm Down, Buick!
    Umpteen years into my "career," I believe I have sussed out my first-ever real-ish, zeitgeist-galvanizing trend - and it's a media/marketing one to boot. I've chosen to call it "De-Expectationism."