• Don't Take Geico's 'Indie Across America' Too Seriously
    Kids - they do the darndest things! Like call you by your first name, stuff uneaten sandwich crusts into the sound hole of your beautiful beautiful guitar and execute technically proficient Five-Star Frog Splashes onto the back of your neck when you're enjoying a hard-won nap. That guy over there, the one rocking back and forth while muttering "make the boy go away, make the boy go away" like a mantra - he knows what I'm talking about.
  • Chipotle's 'Scarecrow' Walks Fine Creative Line
    I understand that there is pressure on brands, and the agencies that serve them, to create Cool Internet and Mobile Things. Just look over there - the immediate competition has one. So does that company who's sort of in the competitive line of fire, like the way that movies vie for mindspace with video games and meditative strolls in the park. And did you see that thing what's-his-face did with the kitten and the Lego Oprah? Just awesome. Why doesn't everyone have something like that? Really, Wilson, you better start taking your job more seriously.
  • Coldwell Banker Scores WIth 'Online International Real Estate Film Festival'
    Here's my problem with film festivals: the cinematic works they feature don't show enough stuff done getting blowed up. Where are the laser-guided air-to-surface missiles? Where is the detonator that goes kablammo if the bus drops below 50 MPH or the beer bucket rises above 50 degrees? Enough already. No more talky indies in which depressed screenwriters find solace and redemption in the arms of cute, quirky phlebotomists who have a Samsonite warehouse worth of baggage of their own, please. Really. Judging by this summer's offerings from Hollywoodland, you'd think we were all smoking clove cigarettes and wearing berets.
  • Never Mind Accidents Or Sewage Backups -- Cruise CEO Proves He Can Throw Baseball
    I consider myself one of the fortunate few. I survived four family cruises without contracting tetanus or scurvy. But owing to a few high-profile recent cruise disasters, the general perception is that to take a cruise is to entrust your well-being to a gang of indifferent sea peons whose sole aim is to separate passengers from their fanny packs. That's why I'm surprised by the jokey, no-worries-mon approach of Celebrity Cruises' most recent clip.