• Stove Top Should Have Done More With Its Thanksgiving Video Campaign
    As a brand director, then, I would marshal all my resources around Thanksgiving. Brand loyalties can't be forged or cemented in or around a holiday without much of a specific retail bent, you say? Hogwash! Betsy, withdraw our entire year's marketing budget from the bank. Small bills only. There are yams that need to be candied.
  • There Are No Winners In Alger's 'Conversations With Tomorrow'
    "Conversations With Tomorrow" is a new video series from Alger. Alger plies its trade in the asset-management sector, which generally can't be bothered with trifles like online branding. So the fact that Alger cares enough to rouse its marketing minions and assemble a thoughtful, professionally rendered series in which Serious People engage in Important Talking Sessions should, in itself, prompt us to get the pom-poms out of storage. Awesome doing of marketing thing, money-business company! Way to go! Here's a sticker commending you on your basic sentience!
  • There's Not Much To Like About 'Microsoft Band: Live Healthier' Video
    It's thus been a trying week for advertising and me. But even if the election experiment had gone swimmingly (by, say, nudging me towards a candidate who's pro-basic human decency and anti-patchouli), there's still little chance I would've been able to find much to like about "Microsoft Band: Live Healthier," a rare Microsoft attempt to do something online that doesn't involve accidental sabotage of my desktop.