• The Drone Racing League Makes Its First Mainstream Play
    Something as low-octane as the Drone Racing League failed to pique my interest. I mean, super-futuristic unmanned aircraft piloted from afar through tight-cornered courses by headset-equipped gunners, set to the strains of pulsing music and illuminated in a cascade of neon?
  • Axe Trades Innuendo For Cultural Cachet - No, Really, It Does
    Readers of this column might remember the events that transpired when I was last left alone with the kids. Were there violations of municipal sovereignty? Perhaps. Did the National Wildlife Federation get involved? I suppose that depends on your definition of “involved.” But once you look past the sinkholes and what the town newspaper later described as a “plume of syrup,” the facts remain: My wife returned to find three out of three human beings alive, fed and more or less clean. Three out of three - that’s a batting average of 1.000. That’s Cooperstown. I found myself …
  • A Plea To GMC: Just Show Me The Big, Pretty Truck
    I watch football differently than I once did. I used to shut out all distractions not involving aorta-constricting foodstuffs, because watching football was an experience as pure and beautiful as midnight snow. Now, after careful application of the moral/ethical blinders necessary to consume football in the CTE era, I sit down with the kids and answer their questions (“can Tom Coughlin hear you when you yell at him?,” “does that word mean what I think it means?”) as the action unfolds. When the kids dart off to play or nap, I fold laundry. YOLO, man, YOLO. Thus it was a …
  • New Year, New Larry, New Cleaning-Thing-Video-Dealie
    Primarily marketed outside the US - take that, Toby Keith! - Cillit Bang products are billed as a miraculous, mystical whole-house cleaning solution. Spray some Cillit Bang potion on your rusty porch screws, say, or your muck-encrusted commode, and their at-birth luster will be magically restored. That's the pitch, anyway.