• Gwyneth And Peyton Give Brand Video A Whirl
    Remind me again: Why am I supposed to hate Gwyneth Paltrow?
  • The Real Moms Of Organic Valley Kick Ass
    Organic Valley's "Organic Balance: Real Morning Report," opens on three women in beautifully appointed living spaces, one indulging in some early-day yoga, another journaling in her "journaling nook" and the third noshing on a "wholesome, farm-fresh breakfast with a tiny spoon" procured from "a company that gives tiny spoons to underprivileged children."
  • New-2-U Video Critique Classiq: Trump Magazine Basks In The Humility Of Its Titular Inspiration
    Hi, everybody! For this week's dip into the Video Critique archives, let's take a bit of a detour... into the archives of my previous MediaPost column, "Magazine Rack." Remember magazines?
  • Mountain Dew Marketing: Still Terrible
    My thinking was that if I can derive actual enjoyment from a Justin Bieber song, perhaps I might also unearth new merit in other brands that have long appalled me in both theory and practice. Ergo: today's column on a new vintage of Mountain Dew, Mtn Dew Black Label.