• OK Go Gets Creative For Red Star Macalline
    It appears that OK Go's distinctive visual wit can be bought (and anyone who wrist-slaps a circa-2015 artist for playing nice with brands probably ought to take a look at music sales figures during the last 15 years). The most recent beneficiary of the band's creative largesse: a Chinese furniture chain called Red Star Macalline.
  • Air France's Safety Presentation Does Little On The Safety Front
    That said, there is a single place on the planet where I am incapable of finding humor: the airport. It's not because I fear flying - as a worshipper at the altar of statistical probability, I realize that I'm more likely to meet my end during a charity dance-a-thon - but rather because I don't take well to being treated like discarded gum.
  • Coors Light's 'For The Love Of The Game' Is 50 Shades Of Okay
    The video comes to us from Michael Rapaport, an actor who occasionally reminds us that he hails from New York City and that his hometown is embedded in his soul and psyche, not unlike a traumatic childhood encounter with a raccoon. Underwritten by venerable local brand Coors Light - as much a part of the city's sociocultural fabric as choleric pigeons or The Ramones - "For the Love of the Game" is a nostalgic tribute to NYC basketball courts that attempts to explain their lasting effect on the auteur. The clip is, in every way that matters and many that ...
  • 'Reclaim The Kitchen' Feels Beneath The Wolf Brand
    With the help of a sledgehammer and a bridge loan, we will soon set about reclaiming our kitchen. Until then, we're left to marvel at the bold reverse-ingenuity that went into designing it. So when I think about the vision of reclaiming a kitchen articulated by Sub-Zero's Wolf, maker of ovens and ranges so high-end that they confer upon their owner advanced social status, I scoff knowingly. You know, like, "Oh-ho-ho, Mr. Expensive Stove Man-Person! You want to tell me that emotional reclamation trumps the literal kind? Go on. I'll just be over here attempting to balance a microwave atop ...