• Run, Don't Walk, To Watch Dick's Sporting Goods' "Run For" Videos
    For the first time in 200-odd of these columns, I have some inkling of a clue as to what I'm talking about. Which is why I'm beyond confident in recommending that anyone with even a vague interest in running - hell, anyone with even a vague interest in the durability of the human spirit - check out "Run For," an alternately inspiring and heartbreaking series of vignettes designed to brand Dick's Sporting Goods as the ultimate runner's outpost.
  • Samsung Aims Low With "Evolutionary Husband"
    Following a weekend spent at a family wedding, at a New England inn so quaint that even the squirrels wore Izod, I couldn't wait to get home and reunite with my television. After nearly seven hours on the road, I bounded through the door, my heart fluttering either with joy or breakfast-meat-induced aortic convulsions, and leaped into the waiting folds of my couch. It received me as it would an old friend, or a sweaty throw pillow.
  • Wake Me Up After I Watch IBM's "A Boy and His Atom"
    I was never much of a science student. While several of my schoolchums seemed to have a genuine curiosity about the world around them, my tastes ran more towards shenanigans and tomfoolery. That's not to say I didn't appreciate the many off-label applications of a pipette - specifically, as a vessel through which one might divert water onto the northern region of friends' dungarees - but, alas, I lacked the brains and patience to sift through Baldwin-dense textbooks. It was like, gravity? Stuff falls. Why worry about the precise mechanics?
  • "The Challenge" Proves That Two Spocks Are Better Than One
    It is a glorious time to be a nerd. Offline gatherings indulge our must-hear-about-it-first compulsions. Online communities permit - nay, encourage - us to disseminate our theories about island wormholes and fascism in outer space. Hell, the marketing of pop culture is as much about leveraging the collective might of our nerd enthusiasms as it is about playing to the masses. Along those lines, I have it on good authority that Jennifer Lawrence will be donning the season's hoTTTest earwax-drip receptacles in the September issue of Vogue.
  • Be On Scores With Its First Brand Clip, "The Derby"
    Brand-video proponents sure like to toot their own cyber-horns, don't they? It's one thing to make a client look good, but it's far more rewarding to flaunt their brandiness and viralitude chops. Why, it's almost as if they have a product worth touting, or an approach in which they have such confidence that they want to alert other sentient entities to its existence.