• Affecting Charles Schwab Vids Prompt A LD Apology
    I present a pair of Charles Schwab "Why This Road" videos for your consideration.
  • Levi's 501s Documentary Is the Gunnysack of Brand Vids
    So why is it that getting through all 18 interminable minutes of "The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original," a documentary that traces the evolution of Levi's 501s and attempts to convey the depth of its sartorial and pop-cultural impact, required me to handcuff my mitts behind my chair?
  • A Tissue Is A Tissue Is A Tissue Is A Tissue
    The elevator pitch for the series, unified under the "#ShareKleenexCare" banner, is "nice people being nice to people who have been nice to them."
  • The Second Sound Barrier Breaks New Ground In Selling Smells
    That must've been the dilemma faced by Robert Graham, a clothesmaker of fashion-world repute but unknown to those of us who buy socks at Costco. For the brand's most recent foray into the jasmine-kissed world of fragrances, Robert Graham made the excellent - and thoroughly nonsensical - decision to hand over a big honking chunk of the marketing budget to Wet Hot American Summer/The State heroes David Wain and Michael Showalter.
  • Vice, The Last Of The Media Brands
    For younger media consumers raised on the Internet, Vice is synonymous with authenticity. They'll go where Vice goes; Vice makes it easy for them to do so, courtesy of a platform-agnosticism that, even today, remains rare in the media landscape.